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Hi there! We are Altos and Herdone and we are making The Headmaster, a dark comedy combining a nonlinear story, stats management and a unique punishment system.


The game has been updated to 0.13.2Public. Check out the changelog on our Patreon page. The current version has approximately 13,500 images, 900 videos and over 28 hours of gameplay.

About the Game
In the not-too-distant future, on a small island nation, a crisis has arisen. The number of students graduating from school has fallen sharply and university places are going unfilled. Faced with the prospect of mass unemployment and potential economic disaster the government is forced to introduce emergency measures. All students over eighteen who failed or were expelled from school are to be forced back into education at a number of special facilities.

In The Headmaster you play an expert in psychology with some unique ideas about how to tackle the crisis. After a demonstration of your theories at a teachers conference, you are approached by the agent of a mysterious organisation. He invites you to interview for the position of headmaster (principal) at one of the newly founded schools for over eighteen-year-olds. Keen to prove yourself and your theories you gladly accept.

Using your unique disciplinary methods you must turn a whole school of delinquent young women into hard-working and obedient students. Things will not be easy for you. You must win your colleagues to your side, cater to the unusual demands of the school's owners and deal with a troublesome government inspector.

N.B. This game contains explicit sexual content and is for adults only (18+). All characters portrayed in this game are over the age of eighteen. All acts protracted in this game are between fictional consenting adults.

Themes Included:

  • Training
  • Corruption
  • Male Domination
  • Masochism
  • BDSM
  • Lesbian
  • Anal
  • Creampies
  • Twins
  • Voyeurism
  • Maid
  • Virgin
  • Exhibitionism

Plus many more!

From version 0.13.2 onwards we will no longer be releasing a dedicated android version. Please use the windows version on Joiplay. Instructions on how to do this are provided here.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(2,026 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Comedy, Erotic, Hentai, Male protagonist, Nonlinear, NSFW, Sandbox


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Version 2

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I need more content about Priti, she is too beautiful 😭

can i update my version without srubbing all of my previous progress?


Is this game finished yet?

Status: in development.

It's right there in the description.

A the chubby chick gonna have a story line the one that gets bully in shower? Just curious

IKR? She's cute.

Help, my game is Bugged. I have improved the Scince facilites but the Quest in "Order of the Chaos" didnt update and it still says not completet. But at Miss Chang s quest line its updatet but i am stuck at the next part, cheking back with here bcs she has nothing to say to me.

You need to visit her classroom during the day

Thank you so much for this game. The writing is amazing and hilarious at times. Just played the Halloween special as well since I'm through with the base game. I swear I haven't laughed that much in a while, this is the Triple-A title of adult games. Just amazing. Really looking forward to future updates.

Hands down the best written nsfw game. I hesitated due to art style and setting, but it's hilarious, sexy, knowing and engaging. Massive cast of interesting girls and women and a suitably perverted MC.  Lots of fun.


ugh still no new update

(1 edit)

usually it will take 6 month to release new update lol

yeah I guess it's only been 3months. Feels longer


A great well thought storyline and game.  A good display of BDSM conditioning for each characters.  Looking forward to updates.


this games seems a bit too much for me honestly. idk girls being 18 19ish then getting shipped off to the middle of buttfuck nowhere to get spanked and rizzed up by some random authority figure? fine count me in shit was good 


Sad no more android versions paid for the game and everything


Getting it to work for the Droid really isn't that difficult. The instructions given were just a little muddled but its worth the effort.


I'm just not sure if the storyline is still worth it I've played like 3 times and everytime I get bored of it and stop playing


Not sure if this has been asked before but what 3d modeling software did you use to make this game?

most likely Honey Select 1 

When does the water gun become available on-line?


After first watergun event completed.


Any news on a new release? Been a while since 13.2 came out. Just curious.


I had planned to have an update out around now. However, I was seriously ill for a couple of months at the end of last year, and only just got back on track recently. I'm about halfway through putting the next update together, but I'm not ready to set a release date yet.


Stay healthy. And don't blame half of April. O.O


Cool! Not cool that you were sick, but cool that you can get back to working on it! Looking forward to the update when you get it released. Your health is more important.


Hope you can stay healthy. Being sick sucks.

Don't push yourself too hard, health is most significant.

I downloaded the game on windows and transferred my save files from android. it shows that it's the most recent version and has all my saves but doesn't allow me to access anything from the newest version. Does anyone know why this is?


v android where?


"From version 0.13.2 onwards we will no longer be releasing a dedicated android version"


Why if I may ask


When games become really large it's hard to effectively port to Android.


thank you for telling me


Android is over 2GB so it doesn't work now.  You need to download the PC version and get JoiPlay.


"they will make a fine addition to my collection" had me cracked up idc if it wasnt a star wars reference it is to me lol 

what is the level it talking about of require


I absolutely love this game & have replayed it multiple times unfortunately I can't support on Patreon if I could I definitely would, however I am wondering if this will ever get a steam release, because if it does I will definitely buy it on there, also just wondering how far away we are from a new update?

Thanks for replies in advance


Steam has a problem allowing school setting games.  So I doubt this will ever make it there.


oh that's a shame thanks for the reply though


is there a pre-ordained character name option for those who don't like naming characters? silly I know but thought I would ask


I called the man character X. So everyone refers to him as Mr. X. It kinda works


so you made his Last Name X or His First Name X?


the last name is what they refer to the man as


I made it his first name. Also, I should have said the MAIN character (who just happens to be a man), I was typing too fast and missed a letter. Anyway, the game doesn't need a last name from what I can remember, but it does need a first name, I think. All of the other characters will call him whatever you choose. Some call him Mister {first name}, I presume if he had a last name, it would use that, it depends on how the script was written. If I can't think of a good fictitious name, sometimes I will look around the room I'm in and come up with a random or silly name based on something in the room. I could have called him TV Set for example. Hope that helps!


You can just hit enter when it asks for a name. The main character's default name is Martin Croft.


TY!!! that Was Exactly What I was Looking For. ^^


Does anyone know how to finish Rachels last punishment? I can't figure out how to max out all the levels to get her to level 7

well the way i did requires all the toys ill do a step by step 

1. massage thigh 

2. massage ass 

3. rub 

4. use paddle then slap until pain is max 

5. take pics if humilation isnt full 


Please Please Please make a player customize menu i don't care if you make it and i haft to wait years for you to release it to the public without patreon but please make one i am begging you i dislike the current character and really wanna change him


All the images are pre-rendered, so doing this would basically require remaking the entire game. It would literally take me years. There is no way I'd even consider it.


Does that mean Sarah and Rosie are easier to insert than new characters in the timeline? Asking for a pervy friend. O.o

I'm stuck at 10 influence and can't get the two proposals at 11. Is that as far as I can go now? I'm still not at the end of some questlines (e.g. Rachel) but I seem to need those two 11 influence proposals to complete it. Any hints?


Make a deal with the old man, you don't have to screw over the student to get your last points... but it will cost you.

I'm not sure it is even possible to finish Rachel first; not even sure if she can be finished anything but last, currently, but it sounds like a fun experiment. The influence gets from all but one of the teachers are extremely straightforward. For the last one, take as many girls as you can as far as you can.

Hi, first of all thank you for this exceptional game!

I have a question about Amy's quest.

I can't unlock the last scene.

Every once in a while in class, MC says he will soon do her a favor by taking the belt off but nothing happens.

Can you help me please


cant wait for the next update


me too


i'm a chinese player, i can help u to translate the text if u want to add a chinese version  。Of course, I can also get a part-time opportunity from you。happy new year!



i cant seem to find the button for the cheat menu


Hint: you shouldn't press it.


Happy New Year, Altos&Herdone! 🥳


Okay, I'm not a biblethumper or anything but with all the bible talk in this game, especially with a bible reference Proverbs 13:24, I looked it up and noticed the MC made a false claim.

(Patricia - owner of restaurant close to the school)
"(...)Spare the rod, spoil the child as the bible says. (...) Proverbs 13:24"


"A common misinterpretation of that bible verse. The rod mentioned was likely referring to a shepherd's rod or crook. Used to guide sheep not hit them."

Well if you read Proverbs 13:24, it literally says:
He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. (King James version)

Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him. (English standard version)

That verse literally says chasteneth, which is a verb for chastise. To chastise is to punish, to reprimand or criticize severely. In other words, to discipline.

So the rod in question, was literally used for corporal punishment in old times. Its not even open for interpretation, because the writing in that verse is exact writing, not figure of speech or a parable.


bro aint no one playing this game for the bible lmao


I caught that, too, but, honestly, EVERYTHING the Headmaster does in this game is a misinterpretation of something. He misinterprets and therefore misapplies psychology, theology, philosophy... he's always applying things in the wrong way for his own means. If a person like this actually existed they would be criminally insane. LOL So when he misinterprets a Bible verse, it really shouldn't be surprising.

(1 edit) (-4)

True, but the message of that bible verse was in his advantage, so I didn't quite understand why he would misinterpret that, to make his argument about punishment weaker.

And yeah I agree, if all this would happen IRL, it would be beyond insane. But the scary thing is, the MC's punishment style is very close to how MK-ultra / MK-monarch works.


I am also not religious. The headmaster's point was; he believes hitting children (as opposed to young adults) is morally wrong and that the bible doesn't justify it. You say these passages disprove his point, however, all you have proven here is that the bible has been translated many times and the exact wording is very open to interpretation


What you are talking about is figure of speech, parables or stories. Those are open for interpretation. Exact writing on the other hand is taken literally.

In this day and age its considered child abuse to hit your child, in ancient times it was normal to beat discipline and submission into your children. I'm not for child abuse, I'm just saying that with our modern perspective and morals, it's impossible to understand the perspective and morals of the past. You have to look at it through a different lens.

And it doesn't matter how many times a text is translated, as long as the original manuscript where it is translated from, is the same. Then it doesn't matter how you phrase it, it will still tell you the same thing. It can even reveal more about the meaning of the original manuscript, the more it is translated. All you have to do is to compare all translations.


There is no original manuscript for the bible, and we aren't discussing this in ancient Hebrew. Therefore, to say there is no chance for misinterpretion doesn't really hold water. However, this is hardly my area of expertise so I won't argue the point any further. Besides, I think we are all in agreement with the sentiment I meant to get across, which is that hitting children is bad.


Also, any of it can be justified as character flaw. Even if Protagonist was a certified theologist, he might bend truth to his own advantage; and let's be honest, it wouldn't be the first nor last instance of it.

Also also, maybe in their world bible is slightly different. You know, alternative reality and such. And even if not imagine thinking about biblical accuracy in a game with that amount of taking liberties.

If by the same, you mean assembled by committee after the Council of Nicaea, 300+ years after the new lies, and thousand of years after the old lies, then I'd imagine the accuracy of the translations are only of academic interest, at best, as the best possible view of the underlying text is that the authors meant well with their lies, though I tend to doubt that. That said, if comments like yours result in Ruth abandoning her faith, I am totally down with that.

Its not really a misinterpretation of the word Rod.
It was a shepherds crook. It just was also used for beatings as well as herding.

But yes, if you dont discipline your son, you hate him. if you love him, you will discipline him.

For those unaware of the difference between abuse and discipline.
Refer to the teacher and mary incident.
Thats abuse

(1 edit) (+1)

Wow N64 Goldeneye reference. The cinematics in that scene are the same as in goldeneye, also when MC gets shot. How nostalgic =D

Hi, I'll apologise in advance but I am at a loss.  There are 2 last "Events" "at the office" which I don't seem to be able to get.  I've maxed rachael out (L10), succeeded with the small dildo but couldn't get the larger one to work so used the anal dildo, and had sex with her and Sally as the punishment. I get a "you've reached the end of Rachael's questline". But those the 2nd to last event tells me to continue with Rachel's questlog and spend time in my office (which I have...a LOT).  Thanks,


Second to last entrance in At The Office category requires you to Watch Porn with Rachel.

BTW, she have dialogues on every pick, so be sure to check them all. And no, the do not change depending on which you picked first.

Thank you very much, I assumed it was about the Dildo's.  I'll try to work out the Ada one next.


Also, if you are a completionist, I think you need to hire the prostitute for Mr Wilson to get the far left film in the middle row to play (she's in it). While it may not matter, I finish with one of the films that make Rachel happy.

Thanks very much for that.

When I get to 50 discipline I can't go up from there. stays there


It's capped to 50 until later in the main quest.

First of all love this game had lots off fun but my question is version two is the latest isn't it if so when will the next version/update come out.


How to increase +50 discipline?


Focus on raising discipline over grades and popularity. Public punishments, strict discipline, football practice. Also, be sure to go through Miss Potts's quest line to prevent losing a lot on her misbehaving class.

Yeah Ms. Potts' questline was the first one I went through too, because earning discipline back every day was a headache to deal with. Plus storywise, she has the worst discipline in class so it made sense to me to do that first.

(1 edit)

The first time I saw Liz and Faye on the Roof, it was the 2nd version of the scene and now it won't unlock in the Replay Menu.

I've used the Cheat Menu to revert back to Chapter 1, with horniness=5 and I got to see the 1st version of the scene, but it still didn't unlock in the Replay Menu.

Ideas on how I can unlock it? I don't mind editing a game file if someone knows what/where I should edit.

I believe you also have to get your popularity to 20 if you haven't already. You must also interact with the girls a bit, and have them trust you. You must discover Liz's kink, or the scene won't activate. You discover Liz's kink in the second chapter. Hope this helps

(1 edit)

That's not the problem. I've got 100% completion (with >100 grades, discipline, & popularity) for 0.13.2, except for unlocking this scene in the Replay Menu. I've seen the 2nd version of the scene (w/ Liz's kink) several times, and the 2nd version was actually the version of the scene I saw the first time (in Ch 2 with ≥20 popularity). I had to use the Cheat Menu to reduce my stats to get to see the 1st version of the scene, but it still didn't unlock in the Replay Menu.

I hope Donna, the twin, and Liz quests get started soon. Look like to Miss Swallows added as staff.

I do have questionare the keys in game yet?


Fantastic game, love it, have "finished" it multiple times, tons of replay value. 100% willing to pay for The Headmaster, in the future when it becomes fully released. As a reviewer, the only thing that I'd have to add is that I have seen some grammar mistakes and English mistakes. (As in the language, not the country.) I am invested in this game, and will definitely send support on Patreon. I look forward to seeing this game grow, and I'm proud to be a part of the community.
If read-overs and edits are okay to submit, I'd love helping cutting workload down. Other than a grammar errors, this game is fantastic. Nothing to ruin a normal person's gameplay. As a reviewer, I do have to include that, but would not ruin game experience. Very minor changes. 9.9/10

(1 edit)

Agreed. An additional language issue: Rachel is both jealous and envious, but the game often mixes up the two. Envy is wanting something others have (she wants other girls' breasts/bodies). Jealousy is concern over losing something you have, to others (she is jealous when other girls get attention from the headmaster when she feels that attention should only be hers).


Very true. As a reviewer, I didn't notice that, but now that you mention it, I went back and saw what you were talking about. It won't change my rating though, game is extremely well made. 

wanting something that others have isn't envy, that is covetousness.

Envy has always an outward focus; we desire some item, person, or attribute possessed by someone else, and we are discontent or resentful about not having it. And often the person who is envious, hurt the target of their envy.

Jealousy on the otherhand has an inward focus, for example; the protection of one’s own items or relationships, especially romantic relationships. You can envy someone else for his girlfriend, but someone flirting with your own girlfriend makes you jealous, not envious.

The difference between envy and jealousy is that, in certain circumstances, jealousy can be a positive thing. Envy is never presented as positive. The type of jealousy defined as “zealous vigilance” is the unhappy or angry feeling caused when what rightfully belongs to us is being threatened.

Covetousness would be the desire, the want, but envy would be the intense emotions that could accompany such a desire.

As to your middle 2 paragraphs, you've not contradicted what I said. Envy is (the intense emotions that can accompany) wanting what others have (outward focused, as you say) and jealousy is the (intense emotions that can accompany) concern that others will take what you have (inward focused, as you say).


It wasn't my intention to contradict, more to elaborate further ;)

Ah. Sorry I misunderstood what you were saying then.

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