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Hi there! We are Altos and Herdone and we are making The Headmaster, a dark comedy combining a nonlinear story, stats management and a unique punishment system.


The game has been updated to 0.11.1. Check out the changelog on our Patreon page. The current version has approximately 11,500 images, 260 videos and around 18 to 20 hours of gameplay.

About the Game
In the not too distant future, on a small island nation, a crisis has arisen. The number of students graduating from school has fallen sharply and university places are going unfilled. Faced with the prospect of mass unemployment and potential economic disaster the government is forced to introduce emergency measures. All students over eighteen who failed or were expelled from school are to be forced back into education at a number of special facilities.

In The Headmaster you play an expert in psychology with some unique ideas about how to tackle the crisis. After a demonstration of your theories at a teachers conference, you are approached by the agent of a mysterious organisation. He invites you to interview for the position of headmaster (principal) at one of the newly founded schools for over eighteen year olds. Keen to prove yourself and your theories you gladly accept.

Using your unique disciplinary methods you must turn a whole school of delinquent young women into hard-working and obedient students. Things will not be easy for you. You must win your colleagues to your side, cater to the unusual demands of the school's owners and deal with a troublesome government inspector.

N.B. This game contains explicit sexual content and is for adults only (18+). All characters portrayed in this game are over the age of eighteen. All acts protracted in this game are between fictional consenting adults.

Themes Included:

  • Training
  • Corruption
  • Male Domination
  • Masochism
  • BDSM
  • Lesbian
  • Anal
  • Creampies
  • Twins
  • Voyeurism
  • Maid
  • Virgin
  • Exhibitionism

Plus many more!


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TheHeadmaster-0.11.1Public-Android.apk 1 GB

Development log


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luvving the game. can't wait to see whats next! been racking up discipline and grades to keep things unlockable, but does that stay when the new update comes out> like, will grades and discipline drop back to 100 as a reset with a new update or stay what they get up to?

Is the quest involving weed only there so we can strip search the girls cause I have searched everyone it lets me and there seems to not be anyone carrying any or is this for a later update? 

and why can't I search Harriet is that a mistake or is there a reason for that being done that will be added into the game later.

The game is still a work in progress. Harriet's strip search will take place in the next update.


Well, I just watched the playthrough from MxR Plays: 1,78 Mio. subscribers.

:-O Looks like you made it.

Good to see that Henry and Jeannie both enjoyed it.

are you guys planning on giving us a continuation for Sally's story in the next update by any chance?

Yah, would be nice to know what stories are going to be in the next patch.
I recommended that in my comment... but didn't get a response.

I am most looking forward to Debbie and Priti stories expanding.

All this information is provided to patrons in development updates and a summary is on our Discord FAQ section.

the game over screen pops up after every day even when i load a save to before caught me 

You need to keep grades and discipline above 0 or you will lose. Use the cheat menu if you can't figure it out.

So How do I get to Chapter 2 that I have heard mentioned? I have just had Mr. Mycock and his 2 visitors at the school for my presentation. Anyone?

Just wait until Monday morning.

Hey thanks. I was just thinking.. ok what now? Much appreciated.

Oh and How much of the Game is left after you get to chapter 2. Has anyone reached level 100 in the grades and discipline?

There's loads in chapter 2. Take a look at the event log to see how much of the game is left.

First water gunfight was real fun, had a good laugh, thanks. Never heard of goldenear, but looks like all those hours really paid off there

oh hello my friends

I have a question how to save progress before installing the next update when playing the game

I put the current version on my desktop. When the new version comes out I unzip it in the downloads then delete the current version and moves the new one to the desktop and my saves were there.

(1 edit)

When I unzip the game, I get "CRC failed : TheHeadmaster-0.11.1Public-pc\game\images.rpa". Is this an error that the game will correct on startup or do I need to redownload it? I'm using 7zip.

I think I had to run it as admin and windows 7 compatible.

Hello, i am trying to get Amy to the next level so she wears the chastity belt however i can't get her past 9/10 pain but i can max everything else. I have run out of AP and even if i hadn't there is nothing that could inflict pain open to me. any help?

Once you get to Chapter 2, Amy will do something naughty and you have the option to use the cane which gives plus 5 pain.

Im curious, as this game looks to be heavy on punishments..... is there like golden showers ?

hello i'm new there is a scene in the game where a female teacher asks the students about knowledge So is there any way to get past them?

That's the game over scene I think. It means that your knowledge got down to 0 and you lost.


This has got to be my favorite dirty game EVER!! I loved the story, the characters, everything. I can't wait to see where it goes. Favorite two characters are Rachel and Lucy. I really hope there's a scene later where Rachel finds out what Lucy is doing with her Master on Saturdays and they get into a jealousy fight and they try to prove themselves to the headmaster. I am definitely going to consider donating money to this game!! 100% my favorite sexy game. Keep up the amazing work!

My favorites are Amy and Priti. Amy must be the naugthiest of the girls, with a lot of experience and Priti is the opposite.

Although Liz is a very interesting character, too ... I like a lot of them, to be honest.

Same thing with Rachel and Lucy but I wish that instead of fighting they do a threesome

There is a threesome if you can max out Rachel. And there's the Christmas Special, too. But I'm keen to see where some of the characters go. I think Samantha has something in store for her sister... (I really thought Trixie was going to get Lily to screw Mr Wilson

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Hey just wanted to comment and say I really enjoyed this game. This is probably the best game I've played of it's category/type. Had no issues with the story or presented choices which is rare for me. The world building was good and did not seem to be too unrealistic for what it is. The MC didn't come off as too much of a nice guy or bad guy for his background/backstory and it was left up to the player to play how they like which is very much apricated (I hate when these types of games force you in a particular direction with no input). I guess the only thing I found odd were some of the sound choices not really fitting and the mention of a the campus missing library at the start of the game with no way to build it later. (maybe that will be coming in an update?)

Love the game i am playing on android and it runs smooth 

Of course there is some bugs, for example images bugs. I did almost everything i could in the story atm but not with rachel, bcause i cant progress and level up her i cant give enough pleasure or enough pain. That make me kinda sad since rachel is my favourite character 

Apart from that the game is super fun and it has some of comedy too amazing!

Im really invested in the game and in other characters missions too hope to see a update on android asap

Love the game 9/10

Also the names are fun af

Mykock, swallows, etc

Thank you. What level are you stuck on with Rachel?

hey thanks for awnsering! Im stuck at level 5 at the moment, already have all the possible rules just not the nudist beach of course 

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I went into this game thinking it would be sleazy and exploitative, and maybe it is . But it's also seeming like it will be subversive. I've been surprised that a game about BDSM and molesting barely legal young women has such humour and even tender moments, e.g. the relationship between Rachel, the Headmaster and Miss Newman. I am very intrigued to see where this goes and hearty congratulations to Altos And Herdone. This is very good indeed...

(4 edits) (+2)(-3)

I have some good ideas about your next update. 

1. There is a pandemic going around so the headmaster needs to check the temperatures with his finger for the safety of his students.

2. The nurse is sick so the headmaster needs to check for breast cancer for the safety of his students.

3. the headmasters saliva and semen has excellent antibodies which can help with immunity. The students must be vaccinated regularly for their own safety.


Number 2 is Good..

Number 1 and 3 is too unrealistic..

Number 1, It will long holiday

Number 3, the headmaster will be subject of lab experiment

(1 edit)

My two cents:
1: When the teacher lady first fingers Debby (pretty sure it was her) and she is passed out on the couch she is topless in the back ground even though she isn't in that part of the story and don't have that unlocked

2: The game is SUPER bright, is there any way you could add gamma/brightness and/or change the color of the walls to something other than white?

3: Is there a place to see what is going to be in the next update?
(just a basic idea, looks like there is a detailed post on Patreon, but I'm poor af)

4: Will adding a folder on the headmasters computer for the punishment photos be added?

ALso, love Priti and Debby. <3

Hello everyone, I am currently stuck at 50 discipline and for some reason I can not get it any higher as well as Miss Changs quest I visit here multiple times and it wont allow me to move forward in the board meetings. 

discipline is at 50 until you pass that rule. Sounds like you need to read the files in the recycle bin of the headmasters computer. 

So I've reached the part of miss newman quest where she should spank debbie after chaughting her bullying lucy but I'm stuck there and I can't give make her reache the required humiliation to continue the story 

And the random event in the didn't pop out since then I progressed a lot of days teaching and patroling but the only cutseen that give the chance to punish debbie is where the nurse comes ro class and do her thing 


Make sure you've passed all the necessary rules at the school board.

All the rules are passed exept the one that allow me to punich the girls by my self

It's hard to help without knowing precisely where you are in the story. If you ask in the help channel of our Discord someone there should be able to talk you through it. There's also an walkthrough in the FAQ section.

Can I have a link plz

It's on the game page.


The concept of this games is really creppy, imagine your kids taken away by the govt onto a middle of nowhere (school founded by a sex cult of horny ass rich people) while you doesn't have a clue about that kid after she left, just to be brainwashed and enslaved by some guy in the name of "Dicipline" 


It's a porn game. Don't imagine your kids in it mate.

(1 edit)

Yes sir, more worse is that Im still 18 so that "kid" could be me.

Keep it up sir, if you ever feel sad, keep in mind that we support you and happy that you are here.

For the behalf of your fans, Thanks for fulfilling our sexual fetish

(1 edit)

Seriously ?  Are you not entertained! Is that not why you're here ?

Who said that Im not entertained? It's the other way around, Im just saying (Metaphorically ) it's creppy if you think about it 

Well I was trying to make a reference to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-l6tHeseDY

You were talking about how creepy it was... but was that not why you are here ^_~


omfg dude. hours of playing a game revolving around spanking and i still can't take panties down. can you put in some more obstacles please? I'd hate to feel like I'm making any progress at any point ever.  talk about a snails pace. 

Yeah, it is a bit blue-ballsy for a good while. Save yourself the frustration and just play this after you've rubbed one out. 

I've been itching to ram a cock down that stuck up girls throat for way too long lol. 

When is their gonna be another update???


Not for a few months at least. I'm working on a big update.


Can't wait !

Hi, Will there be a school rule to confiscate underwear at any given time?


Not exactly, but there will eventually be a rule that has the same effect. 

Hey There

I wondered if it is possible to convert your saves from the android app to the windows version?


Saves are transferable. No conversion is neccassary, just move it across to the saves file on your PC.

itch .io got more than 2000 porn games??this is by far the best one....all is perfect and all is great....an awesome creations and an amazing work guys....we can all debate if we like punishment but the game is absolutely really amazing....keep the epic work up guys im pretty sure u will make an masterwork upgrades


Absolutely loving this game.

Now, I get this is a total long shot, but is it possible to see a Transgender character in this. I feel like it could be done incredibly tastefully.



Fuck no

I downloaded the game twice right now for android and when I try to open the apk file, it takes a long time, then fails to do so. Is my phone to old for this or? It's not the newest but it's only 3 years old or so. The original file is 1.85gb but the file I have is 1.7gb but it was that exact size twice so I think Mega is just a bit wrong about the actual size. Could you tell me what's most likely to be the problem? I just don't know. 

Make sure you have plenty of space on your phone to install it. You need more than the size of the file for the installation process. Also, make sure your security settings allow apps from unknown sources. If none of that works, turning your phone off and on again sometimes fixes things.

I had the same problem...

However it worked for me when i made some more place on my phone to install it.

Thanks to altosandherdone! I'm obsessed with your game!

Does anyone else knows what is wrong I just downloaded 11.1 and when I load up my latest save from then I played it last stuff still seems stuck back at 9.0 when I played the game it still says the pool is not available to work on nor can I do the 2nd date with my receptionist it says that will be added in the next update as it did back then. I thought those things had been added in with the last updates.

You can visit the pool but there's no second date with Samantha. Check the replay menu to see what's new. Also make sure you aren't trying to overwrite the old game folder with the new one.

No option for the pool do I need to go to the Friday meeting to open the option to get the construction going?

It's on the headmasters computer.

I have tried there and it won't let me do anything with the pool upgrade from the HM computer that is why I asked in the first place.

The pool is available from the start of chapter 2. Are you in chapter 2 yet?

quick question, playing through the latest release and i cant for the life of me figure out how to unlock the rule policy change that lets me spank students myself. is that not implemented yet or am i just missing a step?

It's fairly far into the game. Just keep following the main quests. You'll still get to spank plenty of girls along the way.

ive gotten rather far, i have rachel wearing cat ears, debbie as a prefect, and the board meetings are telling me i need to be able to spank students before i can unlock the next type of punishment rule. its been two weeks in game since that popped up and sadly i have yet to figure out how to get past this point

What does the quest log say to do for the main quest?

ah, i just have to wait for the assistant for the science teacher to arrive


Just finished with all the content available so far (except the swimming pool!), and I must say, very well done! The game flows well, and mixes humor, sex appeal, and entertaining gameplay seamlessly. It doesn’t feel like “just another porn game”. The characters feel unique and believable, as wacky as the situations can become. The art style is very nice, and I love the diverse selection of both faculty and students. Is there a way we can submit ideas? I have an idea for a future addition to the school that I feel would tie in nicely with multiple girls’ storylines and add to the game.


Thank you. You are welcome to make suggestions. The best place for that is on the suggestions channel of our Discord. https://discord.gg/9m7WhKm

My partner and I are playing your game.  Love it.  He showed me a map of his old campus at Ithaca College and commented on how similar the layout is.  Any relation?

I used a photo of Colgate College as the basis for the main map, which I think is very close to Ithica.

(1 edit) (+2)

Edit: I sorted it .. had to click first on the dress and then not on the dress to complete the thought and finalize the purchase. 

My bad .. thanks for listening :)


Awesome game.

Even tho I normally don't dabble in spanking and the like I stil find the game really entertaining :)

I have a problem .. I try to buy the red clothing (not to spoil) but it just says "Wow, this ****is expensive" .. is it not "implemented" yet or something?

Thank you

I don't remember this problem, which means that I bought it without encountering any obstacles. I guess you can only buy it if a quest demands it.

For explanation: This red dress is for a girl who needs it for her development and inner growth. Something like that.

It's in my shop and I need it for an event so I should be able to purchase it .. hmmm will try different things, just wanted to know if it was actually possible.

Thank you

Deleted 26 days ago

Sorry friend, this game is not for me. I don't really like the tone and aesthetic I suppose? The story is pretty good tbh but the characters just don't appeal to me.

The MC is weird and his character just feels off? I know you try to make it psychological what with his conscience appearing in his dream and whatnot but it's just feels off. Hard to describe but I think the best way to make an example is the scene after you finally managed to unlock the ability to hand out punishment yourself.

The scene where two teachers visit the school and the MC demonstrated and punished the hell out of the girl. Prior to this, I haven't completed a lot of events, only Debbie's. So it's off seeing him punish the girls and the girls just mention stuff about events I haven't trigger yet. Mya giving her MC blowjob under the table despite I've only just unlock the ability to punish myself is.. off. Might be my own fault for not playing the game enough and focusing only on Debbie lol.

I go through the game never getting any event with Priti except Mr Wilson's request and suddenly, the MC punish the heck out of her during that one event. It feels disconnected from my playthrough lol.

The theme of BDSM also doesn't appeal to me so yeah. Sorry lol but this one is not for me. Maybe I will be back because the story and world-building really interests me. 

Not trying to sounds smart, but maybe you can try making the writing more light-hearted and add some humors. The story takes itself too seriously and it make the tone darker than it have any right to be. As of now, the character are not that memorable. Quirks and humors are keys to making memorable characters. Tone down the serious tone and give choices and routes that allow player to be either good or bad. Even if you did, the tone of the story is too serious making neither choice memorable lol. 

In any case, amazing game, very innovative. But it's just not for me. I wish you luck and hey, maybe I will replay this game. You're doing an amazing job and I sincerely hope it will be better in the future. Kudos!


No apology necessary, my friend, I learned long ago that you can't please everyone. I would also have to value your opinion to be offended. 

So you got all the way to chapter 2 only punishing Debbie? I suppose that's possible, although you've basically skipped out a majority of the game. Yes, I've assumed players have had some interactions with the other characters by the time you get to Chapter 2, would be more strange if I didn't tbh. Amy, for example, is very promiscuous and the blowjob under the table was entirely in character for her. Even punishing her once would have provided you with enough context for that. I'm not going to leave that out of the scene for 0.1% of players who played through the game in such a specific way.

It sounds to me like you've only followed the main storyline and skipped all the fun stuff. The game also doesn't take itself seriously at all, and is full of comedy, not sure how you managed to miss that either.

(3 edits) (+2)

Althos don't need someone to defend him, and he already did it for himself. But please allow me to add my own two cents.

For me this is the best adult game I have played so far and it's not even close.

First of all the world and its surroundings feel realistic. A lot of games of this kind describe fantasy worlds or young studs who make their first steps into sexual freeedom or things like that.
In this game I can value and apppreciate almost everything that happens:
- There are dumb reality TV shows (which are not dark at all)
- There are social media accounts and online roleplaying games (Rachel).
- There is a stage play about greek mythology, the rehearsal is very funny, by the way.
- There are movie nights or D&D meetings
- And there are these water pistol fights on two sundays. If this is not hilarious for you, nothing that happen in this game will ever be.

All these events fits very well together and you are able to learn more and more about the girls, their characters and their weaknesses, if you just try. I am almost shocked that you only concentrate on Debbie and than, with the end of chapter 1, you realize that you don't know the other girls at all.  Well, no wonder.

Secondly this detailed spanking system that you described is maybe not for all, but it's unique and almost a game within a game. Every girl who is spanked needs a different approach, you can't always do the same.

You have to spy on them to learn their kinks (Debbie: Lesbian. Amy: Masochist, to describe just two of them) and than alter your strategy to be able to affect their behaviour. This is, after all, the ultimate goal of the game: Change the girls into some better versions of themself.

I don't want a game that is like all this other stuff out there. I want something which I can take seriously. And this game fulfilled my needs and wishes so perfectly that I am still amazed that something like this even exist.

A sideeffect of this is that I am always in constant fear that Althos and Herdone change their approach, that they feel the need to give in to the pressure of the majority. But after seeing the patreons constantly rising for the last two years I think we are a bit on the safe side in this case. And hopefully this game continues to florish in just the same satisfying style as it did in the past.

(2 edits) (+2)

Honestly, same.  I agree with everything on this post.  I, too, am afraid of the creators changing their approach on this game, because it's just so head-on for me.

I would also like to mention that the majority of the stuff in this game is, honestly, not super ethical (unless the whole thing is a consensual roleplaying scenario).  It comes off as dark at times because it is.  Like Game of Thrones minus the whole "let's put in a random rape scene and pretend it's not a rape scene."  Looking at something dark and having the ability to ignore the darkness is much worse than making something realistic and appreciating the darkness for what it is.

Hey guys did you know how to get a , miss Newman's key? I need help im stuck😁

You need to get the lake unlocked through the friday council meetings and talk with the grounds keeper at the lake about it.

and then?

same here, keep getting that his head is spinning too much to think where the key might be

Just keep playing the game. The triggers are completing the first main quest and seeing the event with Sally in the showers on Monday afternoon.

Not sure if that Boney M reference is crazy or pure genius. Likely both. It definitely made my day though !

What? Boney M? Where? When?


In one of the class events the headmaster asks Faye about the Czar's mysticism advisor (something like that) and gives her a musical hint using Boney M's Rasputin lyrics (the first two lines and "Ra ra").


Ah! Right. I didn't connect it with Boney M, but I guess it's possible to give it this connotation.


He also tells Faye to go and listen to some Boney M. I love that song.


Okay, it's official now, you were right, Larrdath. 

Great game! But how do I get Ruth on my side? When I talk to her in the teacher's lounge she says "What do you want?" and the only option is "Leave" which ends the scene.


From the Patreon page:

Altos and Herdone

Read the files in the recycle bin of the headmasters computer.


I just wanted to comment on how amazing this game is for having so many small chested women in it compared to other games of this type. So much sexier than most of the things I've played that have most of the women walking around with beach balls on their chests.

Rachel is one of the hottest characters I've seen. She's so good!!


She's my favorite of the students, this game has great character development!

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