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Ok I am lost with Rachel.  I've gotten ointment, permission to remove skirt, camera for photos etc. Also, viewed her playing at night, caught her sleeping class but no matter what I do I cannot get the option to talk about her night time habits. Do I need to get miss Newman to where she can start touching the women inappropriately?

Also, the "walkthrough" on the discord seems lacking. It doesnt even have the name "Rachel" in it which I dont understand if it is a walkthrough.  Also, I think it would be wise to list other stats in the "Stats" section other than grades and discipline (the two easiest to figure out) like; influence, horniness etc.

Nvm, figured it out. I didnt realize the order of punishment mattered.

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi, I'm stuck in "Priti as a picture". In step 6 I have to talk to Wilson, but when I get home he doesn't give me any choice, just to leave.

In addition I lack 1 reputation to have 10 and continue with "Headmasters pet", so maybe you can get it differently, but all other missions are finished.

There is a way to do it without giving him her photos but it would require you being able to talk to him and tell him you won't do it. Then he asks for something else. You could go to the cheat menu, there is a option to "make it so you do not hand Wilson Priti's photos" and that may initiate the other option. See below:


I usually don't play 3D hentai games but i am a huge sucker for Exhibitionism so i had to give it a try and i give you 5 stars! You are an amazing ero novelist, a true master, it takes one to know another, i loved the casual teasing with the PE teacher and i really wish for more teasing, i saw me keeping going into the bathroom expecting to see some scene where she would tease me or i would tease her.

 Now, for suggestions;

 First, don't mind the lazy people who are complaining about grammar, you might as well put them to work, i am sure they would do it for free and even add some new languages options for you, god, i love community efforts; 

Second, i loved the hidden sex with Amy, and you might as well add that tag to the list of content, maybe you can add bodypaint, through wall and glory hole down the line too, or at least i hope so; 

Third, i am not an expert but i think you can add some frames of the torso moving in some scenes that are more animated to make them look like they are breathing, especially in the spanking scenes.

 Now, the only thing that had bother me... the bellybutton of some characters, because it looks like a hole to their internal organs, i would argue that you could even use that to make opened buttholes, well it is just minor thing though. 

That is all from my review, congratulations, you really made it, 5 ***** , i will be looking forward for more!!

Sorry for the long comment, i don't have a potato, but here is some boobs for you.

( • )( • )ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ)

Deleted 1 year ago

share and agree with all...more language and the belly button sometime are really scary...amy is so cute i hope too for more quest..glory hole was a nice incoming...

Just finished the game and I applaud you for your work! I found myself very immersed and enjoyed it quite alot, a very nice experience.  The N64 segment...   Pure gold.
Look forward to your next updates and hope you're doing well!

Can I make a suggestion that the stats at the top left tell you what they are when you hover over them?

Suggestions are welcome. I plan completely to redo the whole UI after version 0.7 and I will be sure to add in some details like this.

How can I officially send suggestions that would be seriously considered? I could drone on with ideas for hours and I don't know if you want your comment section spammed with all my ideas. Respectfully suggested of course.

Cant figure out what to do after asking jimmy about the headmasters death to progress with the troublesome inspector

what current quest ?

Waiting for a miracle ?

when is the next update?

Updates on the estimated release dates are posted on our Patreon page. 

you will die in the next update

can't figure out how to win the water gun fight. i have chengs mix, just no idea when to put it in the gun

You can't win the first time. Twins always beat you. You have to buy a special water pistol online before the second fight will trigger.

thanks :)

But how do you buy it? I dont see anything on the online store and when I try searching it says there is nothing to search right now.

Did you manage to to survive the first battle until you run out of water and the twins get you?

No, Everytime I try to hit one of the twins they hit me and it says "they are just too heavily equiped"

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Wait, try to hit, as in you actually clic to do it? I don´t think that is ever an option. When you get to the twins it is just a cutscene where you run out of water and the twins shoot you. Are you sure you are at that part?

That dialog sounds more like what you get when you try to attack the blond and the dual wielding chick. In which case you should not shoot at them and instead take cover behind the tree.

(The gun should be at the shop right after the battle ends with the dialog about buying it. It´s under electronics.)

Lots of chatting and talk....hopefully the focus is on creating more game play and not so much on the blah blah blah

its an visual novel....

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My game keeps getting problems and i can't play it and i feel like I'm walking on egg shells 

I just played through the whole game again with the new update and must say I'm very happy. I've been playing many similar games here on itch io and this one is by far my favorite.

I did come across a few missing frames (specially when you are punishing Rachel yourself) and there are a few grammar mistakes (your/you're is common). Other than that, I'm loving this!

I know this one just came out, but when can we expect the next update?

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I've noticed the grammar errors, too. Normally I'd think, "Whatever, it's a silly porn game," but given that the setting is an extremely strict secondary school, these are the kind of details worth getting right. They make a point of the titular character having an extensive vocabulary for some jokes with the character April, as well.

Another common grammatical error is in dialogue when characters are addressing the headmaster as "sir." It is properly capitalized and preceded or followed by a comma.


yes, I feel very strongly about grammar errors, especially since this is put out in a public game for all to see. I mean really, how hard is it to get this right. I notice some people aren't able to take a little criticism. Too bad. In times past before everyone got so sensitive, people welcomed strong criticism in order to perfect they're craft, now everyone seems to just want a bunch of "yes" men to pat them on the back. Too bad, so sad. 

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Nagual11, constructive criticism is fine and I accept it but you played my game for free, said that you found it "an enjoyable distraction", but then for some reason felt the need to come on my forum and throw childish insults at me. You called me a "dumb ass" and a "moron" on your review. I am entitled not to be insulted on my website. As it happens I do understand the grammatical issues you pointed out (I wrote, designed and coded this whole game myself so I'm not an idiot), however, there are over 100,000 words of dialogue in my game and I don't have the time or budget to proof read everything as much as I would like. I do continually fix any errors that I find or people point out to me. Perhaps you would like to report specific mistakes so they can be corrected rather than just being rude. After all, I didn't force you to play this free game, I really think that your rudeness towards me is unjustified.


You're right, I am purposely abrasive at times for various reasons which I won't go into. I don't really think you're an idiot or moron, just grammatically challenged, haha, just kidding. I wish you well and continued success. Take care, and have a great day.

Deleted 1 year ago

  why does the game keep crashing  whenever it's time for the quiz

If someone getting stuck about story..

Abseloutly they just keep Skipping Quest

When you realese the new update do i lose my pogress??

No. Saves should transfer automatically. Just open up the new version.

Do i have to delte the other one??

The game saves elsewhere on your computer so you can delete the old game and just open the new version. Saves transfer automatically.

I'm having some trouble with the troublesome inspector quest it tells me that I have to met with and to talk Ruth so I go and do it  but she has nothing to say to me. Is their something I'm doing wrong or do I have to do something first before doing the quest

Have you triggered the quest to investigate the old headmaster's death? Click on the recycling bin on the headmaster's computer.

Does the path of the lake open for androids ?? How can unlock it 

Unlock it at the school board meetings on Friday mornings.

Thank you ill donate some money your not like other game makers that dont even awnser aprecciated

When is the next free public update if you know roughly when it will be available?

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Scheduled public release is one month after the release on Patreon. So that would be the 20th January, although I'll probably release it on the 17th so people can play it over the weekend. 

haha awesome, thanks mate, this is more then a porn game, I mean I hate reading books but this is so much more then interactive porn, the storyline and everything has me hooked, if I wasn't a broke ass bitch I'd be a patron member, keep up the awesome work and thanks in advance if you release the update early

Nice game, good concept. I'm interested in how grounded in reality this is. Like how true is it that pain, humiliation and pleasure combine into this method of fixing behaviour?

Also doubtful but any chances of a trap being added?

Lol. The headmasters disciplinary methods are definitely not based on any real psychological theories. Nothing in this game is meant to be taken too seriously. No plans for any trap content at the moment I’m afraid.

The way it's talked about in game makes it seem like you really do know what you're talking about but I suppose that is the point of it. Nice work

how do i use the keylogger to steal password from pitri

Summon her to your office using the phone on your desk.

also i need 1 more crown to vote at meeting but miss newman apartment isnt in the game yet what do i do

There is a walkthrough posted in the FAQ section of my Discord, link on the game page. It will tell you how to earn all the staff influence points.

where is they equipment key ?

You find out the groundskeeper has it after completeing the first main quest. He's down by the lake on weekday mornings. He won't give it to you unless you've seen certain other scenes. You'll get hints about what to do when you speak with him.

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Honestly this game surpassed my expectations... It's an amazing game that has interesting diolague and personalities for each character, my only complaint are very minor and I am sure could be fixed eventually with an update patch.

1. I'm dying for a new update and fresh new features 

2. Very rarely but I had to Re-read a sentence maybe 3 or 4 times because one world didn't really fit into a sentence or was a word ahead or behind where it should be however it was very easy to understand the diolague text and move on... The UI for the Quests section some times requires a few Tapd to open, could be that I don't have small figures but maybe a slight adjustment to the UI and larger button icons in some areas might help give us a smoother gameplay.

3. More like some suggestions and potential features I would love to see apart from what you already have planed and working.

I'd love to see more animation if possible for instance when a character is talking there is a little movement like they look around or so on when in diolague with a character and maybe slightly more animations in the sex scenes if you have time, so it feels slightly more like decent hentai a great example of what I mean is when "Trixi Star" the dance teacher gets the students to dance the dance animation was absolutely brilliant, would love to see a little more life like movement in other scenarios and existing sex scenes or conversation just so it's less static...   It's great so far though :)

I know we already have states and some work in progress stuff but it would be cool to eventually have a slightly more social media aspect to the game such as how "Priti" helps us set up a social media profile, it would be cool to be able to text other Staff and students, maybe eventually leading to new features and benefits based on popularity and hornyness levels and so on.

That's all I got for now, love the game and keep the content coming:D

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can’t wait for the update, feel the need to hands on punish Debbie 😈

Verdict 10/10 

Fan-f*cking-tastic! I highkey thought I was playing a runey game.

Greatest and most brilliant game ever..

Much More than my expectation..

All the story, none single word boring..

10.0 / 10.0 

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beautiful job congratulations!!!!

good evening everyone, sorry my english ...
I have a question at version 0.5.4: I solved all the ruth points up to 6 but point 5 continues to be unsolved (Ruth and the old headmaster were having an affair. Use the information to blacmail her). it's normal? is a mistake a bug?
thanks for the reply and merry christmas

When will the next update come out...? Does anybody know?

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Next update is out on Patreon. I will release it here in one month.

love this game, it got a bit tedious near end having to replay lots of scenes hoping to get the one I want but honestly it’s amazing. One thing I couldn’t figure out was the apron costume you buy, who wears it?. Unless I missed something I don’t think I saw anyone wearing it.

on saturdays, the maid. if you let her wear the maid outfit at some point something goes wrong, forcing her to wear the apron naked :)



Seems like a good game but after playing it for hours every choice feels like a mistake constantly making zero progress. It's just been one step forward then one step back.


trust me once you get the hang of it you can fly through, I have 30+ on discipline and grades.

Stick at it you will figure it out.

Cant install on android 10..please fix it


the game is great and honestly in a great place the only thing i feel missing is more content and i love where its headed. good job bro!


awesome game. took a few trys to find a solid path. cant wait till the next installment. Great job

When update coming?

The release schedule is posted on our Patreon page. 




How do I convince Ruth to let me spank the girls? I'm stuck on this.

its not in the game yet as far as i know


Great game.  Fun to play.  Looking forward to your next release.

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this is good for a game of these shall we say "tags" But ill be damed  all the guys in my class are now playing it and man I'm glad I took the risk 

Really well put together, although, we come across some technical bugs here and there, nothing to ruin the overall experience of playing it. And the most important, the main storyline is not affected by those, and I feel like you guys didn't leave any loose ends, looking forward for new updates.

Can't seem to play the game on Android, I get to a certain spot very early on in the game where a message "Place holder bad grades ending" comes up... Screen goes black and won't let me do anything. 

You need to keep grades above zero or you will lose. There is a cheat menu if you are struggling.

oh! I haven't played one of these yet with the possibility of losing, hadn't even crossed my mind. Thanks for the reply! 

In case I suck, even with this new find knowledge... Where do I find the cheats menu?

In the Event Log (top right button from the main map) there is a red button that says 'do not press'. Press it three times and close the warning messages.

i cant find the red button

My inner "S"  loved every minute of this game! Can't wait for future updates.


wow this is definetly the best nsfw game that even remotely contains a consistant and engaging story,  absolutely loved it. really looking forward to each update in the future. keep up the awesome work


Really enjoyed this! Had a few issues getting all the content though i imagine that was just me either being too impatient or messing up one of the previous scenes. But I will definitely be keeping an eye on this!!

Is this game still early access? I seen it mentioned a few times in the game.


Hi, yes this game is still in active development. We release a new update every five or six weeks. Check out our Patreon page for more details.

Ohhh, I thought so. Do the saves transfer over by chance?


They do yes.

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