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I'm in chapter 2, I've got to the point where I need to give Debbie the strap on, but it says she needs more training. But her quest notes say to continue Rachel's quest. I try to pass the body search rule, but I only have 10 influence, both teacher quests I have tell me to continue Priti's, Debbie's, and Rachel's quests. I cannot continue with Priti's quest until I complete Harriet's quest. But, I cannot complete Harriet's quest until I can pass the body search rule, which I need 1 more influence point to unlock. I'm pretty stuck here lol

you only have 2 staff quests? what about the main quests? 

Gordon Freeman was never the same since Resonance Cascade


Will the game come put for android version?

it used to be but since the game is too large for a apk file it can't be anymore


Some of the games are 8gb and have option for android I hope that they put that option

This technically does. You can run it from joiplay

Use joiplay for it, the file has gotten bigger so it wasn't fit for an apk anymore


Im stuck on Pride and President, im stuck on number two, ive tried many times but its never worked and now im too advanced into Rachels story. anyone know solution because it wont let me do the fundraiser otherwise

Is there any way to play this on an IPhone?


any idea when the next update will be?


I need Simplified Chinese



after i've played the game a decent bit the game won't open anymore what do i do?

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Please get a proper Android build working again, Joiplay is such a pain in the ass. Compressing the images to a smaller filesize for mobile isn't that hard!

Hell, give me access to the repo and I'll create you a build script myself!

I'm stuck on Rachel's quest number 12 and I can't continue. What the description says doesn't work.


Pay attention to wording and order given at the start of it. I had to try a couple of them a few times before they progressed


and it really worked, thanks good luck to you


When will you release the mobile version?

Im having trouble advancing "The Headmasters Pet" I need to convince the school board to let me make girls strip down to their underwear but I dont even have the option. Literally every quest is advanced as far as it can except for "Maid for Pleasure" because I cant seem to enlist the nurse either. Can anyone help?

nvm found the full walkthroug

where ?

go to the replay menu and press the "dont press" button a few times. itll bring you to a menu where you can click a link to a full walkthrough of the game

How do I transfer my save from one windows download to the other?

How do I transfer my save from one windows download to the other?

Did you install the game twice on same computer or what?

The save files should be in the folder where you installed the game, in game\saves. Copy the directory with its contents to the other installation directory.


I haven't really fully finished the game yet but i wanted to ask if there are already scenes with april? Or are there plans for her perhaps?

How do I 'enlist Nurse Kate' to help me with Lucy's questline? I have no idea, I've tried going to her but there's no options for any kind of conversation.



That quest step is a bit misleading. Just carry on with other storylines and she will come to you.


I need 11 influences to change the school regulation at FridayBoard to proceed students' quests, but to get the 11th influence, I must finished those students' quests first? All the hints are of no help and now I'm completely stuck at 10 Influences


Most of the people who end up with 10 influence do so because they took the easy way out and only got 1 point from Wilson. I haven't tried to progress that way, so not sure how that if it can be done in the recent update (I am not sure if the staff training with Debbie unlocks in Chapter 1 or not) but you can check out the walk-through, it is very detailed.

The content you get from tricking Wilson and hiring Candy (in addition to 2 influence points instead of 1) is worth playing.

Do you finish the Ruth"s quest ? About the old headmaster ?


Is this game meant to be a critique of the utilitarianism?????????????????????????????

this game is a critique of yo momma

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common man when's the next update coming


I crave it, too. But considering the time between the last 3 updates, it seems like we'll have to wait until end of this year


unlikely that long, i'd say shortly after july. and the updates have always been pretty big by comparison to other games

I'm having trouble launching the game. It's my first time playing this game, but I'm incapable of playing it because whenever I launch it the game crashes, I'm in Android.

there is no apk file so you cant play it on android

I use JoiPlay, which seems to allow and there's even a guide, but might have messed something up.


When is the next update? This games amazing


The game consistently crashes on the current version if you scroll during a punishment in the office. I keep forgetting and have lost a lot of progress twice because of this, but luckily had saved right before it the third time when I realized that's what causes the crash.


Do you have a Chinese translation for rice? I really

This game tought me bdsm, wow!

The game structure is well tought and with inpruvement on those spesific day and time event, just a little bit more permissive, and this game will tuch the sky

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At last, the name of this visual novel came rushing back to me! And let me tell you, it’s an absolute gem. While I adore the popular mainstream VNs, there’s something special about this one that often goes unnoticed. Flawless execution, smooth gameplay, and a delightful mix of characters—it’s like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. To the creators: you’ve crafted something truly remarkable, and I hope it receives the recognition it deserves! 


Umm, why am I getting this? this happened 4 time already

Deleted 21 days ago

Found the problem, you need to disable the block downloads

how to get more then 50 discipline


Advance to chapter 2. Locked at 50 until then.

How do I know when I'm at chapter 2? Every remaining quest requires me to complete the challenge that require more than 50 discipline

Chapter 2 starts when the headmaster passed the rule allowing him to spank the girls himself. Follow the main quests and Ruth's quest. Make sure you have read the notes in the recycle bin of the headmaster's computer.


more than*

Shame there is no android version

I play on android


Is only on appel not android look at the logo --"


Joyplay, I play this on android as well. you just use the windows version to play


Guys, need help, i don't have  chastity underwear so i cannot continue the game, it's all about amy now but i cannot lvl her up, so i'm stack, is this a bug that i don't have item in shop or what, does some1 know?


You can purchase the underwear in the clothing section of the online shopping in you office. You receive them next day, then need to punish Amy to give them to her.

I don't have the underwear in the clothing section of the online shopping in my office, that's the issue, mb some1 know how to add it by some file to game folder or smth, idk.

It will add itself to the list to buy once all other criteria is met. check your task list for Amy (spanking connoisseur). you may need to advance Debbie's story first.

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I cannot advance Debbie's story cause for that i need to advance the main quest "Many Hands For Many Bottoms" and for that i need to advance Amy's quest " The Spanking connoisseur"  and "Teaching Miss Potts"(for this i also need Amy). I'm on 9 step for Amy's quest and it says: "Catch Amy misbehaving and sentence her to private punishment", i cannot cath like for more than 50+ days, all i can is to see her at class without her tie and then punich for that but i cannot lvl up her here, i read the hint at right top corner and it says: pass the rule allowing you to punish her yourself(i can do this) and purchase the chastity underwear from the online store(that i don't have there). Then wait for her to be late for class again( i quess she's not gonna be late till i buy that underwear).

nvm, i fixed it by puniching amy when it was not written lvl up and it did lvl her up...

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I like this game, but not because of the gameplay, nor the story, nor the girls. No. I like this game because of its deeper philosophical ideas about morality, scientific research and humanity.

Initially, the player is thrown into this absurd and almost comical situation, where the headmaster’s techniques seem absurd and quite insane. However, as the game progresses, the player gains further insight into his techniques and begins to wonder if, in reality, it is really as insane as we first thought. Although the headmaster’s punishments—pleasure, pain and humiliation—are quite morally questionable, they seem to exhibit quite remarkable results when applied properly (in the universe of the game at least), which makes the player question the contrast of morality versus necessity. In urgent times, is it permissible to disregard moral principles and resort to extreme measures to avert a crisis? When is it acceptable to set aside ethical considerations for the greater good? At what point does something which we consider to be torture become justified if it promises to prevent a greater harm?

Later in the game, the headmaster seems to realize the immorality of his actions and begins to rethink his actions. However, there is a dialogue option here which the player can choose to reassert his belief that his actions are the only way to prevent the imminent disaster of a malformed education system. This shows that, at this point, the headmaster does not consciously feel remorse for his actions, although he realizes the unethical nature of his practices. He feels that this is for the good of the girls, that he is creating a short term problem, to solve a long term crisis. In fact, here, the headmaster has done nothing wrong, he is merely following the steps of the scientific process (Observation: The education system is failing. Research: Testing various forms of punishment. Hypothesis: Balancing pain, humiliation, and pleasure causes the best results. Test: Testing at previous schools. Analysis and conclusion: The hypothesis holds.). The real immoral party who is acting solely for their own gain is the owners of the school. This underscores that some individuals often fund and promote scientific research not for the advancement of humanity or the pursuit of knowledge, but for their own vested interests.  In the real world, these vested interests and the potential for affluent individuals to manipulate and be the sole supporter of some very important fields causes a dilemma for the researcher: Do they carry on their research knowing that it is being abused by these individuals, or forgo the wishes of these immoral funders and be unable to continue their research? 

Last, there is Ruth, a character which embodies the headmaster’s unconscious self, reminding him of the immoral nature of his research. He promptly chooses to ignore these ideas, as he himself is even blinded by the pursuit of the end goal, and not the immediate moral ramifications of his actions. Perchance the existence of Ruth as a character completes this contrast between morality and necessity. The headmaster directly represents scientific research which disregards moral and ethical boundaries, Ruth is juxtaposed against this idea and is an antithesis of the character of the headmaster, promoting excessive morality while sacrificing scientific progression, and possibly causing a major problem in the future. Thus the parallelism of the two highlights the two extremes of the moral spectrum, from the utilitarian ideal, to the overly self righteous.

Through the comedy of the game, exaggerated nature, and by hiding deep philosophical ideas under a highly unlikely premise and backstory, “The Headmaster” is a well crafted masterpiece which delves into the ideas and contrasts of ethics versus rationality, and the very real abuse of scientific research by selfish individuals. The creators, by highlighting both extremes, excessive morality, and a complete disregard for morality, demonstrate that both are unsustainable long term solutions to real world problems, and that a balance needs to be struck in order to address the urgency of societal problems, whilst ensuring moral guidelines are adhered to. 

Written with love at 3am by a high mofo. (I could go on and on, but me tired)


Absolutely brilliant. I love this deep dive.

Given the previous response, it is certainly not my place to argue, and I think this is an excellent take (I mean, if I am the villain, so be it, right?) but the division between Mycock's backers (the plot, and the patrons) is real. The girls actually benefiting is real, too, if one takes into account the target audience. World at large? Maybe not. Women that like being spanked? A lot of the defining characteristics for each of the girls in the game are there, even if reversed (as Rachel).

I donated to this in 2021 and came back to dl the latest but i can't download it?

i can’t download it?

Why not? What happens instead?

Have you tried pressing the “Download now” -button?

I think it said something about forbidden access, i tried it on two different browsers.


When we getting a new update?

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anyone know then next update is?


If you don't me asking, what is the character creation tool you used to make these characters?


Nah but Ruth beatin the hell outta Ms. Chang after getting drugged has gotta be the funniest most deserved sht I've ever seen 

something im looking forward to is maybe working on the relationship of the cook and her daughter. maybe making her stronger and making her make her mom call her mistress or something. hahahah turn the tables.


When do we get to spank ruth?


Will there be a new update?

For those who cannot play on Android due to the joiplay problem, I solved it by installing an older version of joiplay and with the most updated renpy plugin, try different versions of both joiplay and the renpy plugin

Note: the versions I used were the 8.1.3_7.6.3_001 For the plugin and the 1.01.400 By joiplay

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