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update when? i literally cleared all current events

A porn game where there's almost no sex, but i still enjoyed the girl tho. I still think this is a very good ggame, I'll waiting for the next update

Rated 10/10

where are the saves found



when is gonna be the new version out?


I have to say, for a game about punishing and spanking schoolgirls this turned out to be surprisingly not that creepy, specially given that this isn't stuff I'm normally into. I ended up enjoying it quite a bit.

The only thing I'll say is that you should probably have a little message somewhere that lets people know that everything about the headmaster's theories is nonsense and only there for the erotic purposes of the game. You know, the same way Roshutsu warns people not to start flashing people irl. This isn't a criticism of the game itself or anything, just some advice. Not everyone understands that this is just fantasy, whether they are for or against it. Better to cover your bases.

So I'm from America and the word slag isn't slang for anything here. after six(ish) months I finally bothered to look it up and in British terms it means "a woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships."

I honestly don't know what I was expecting given the context of the game. Maybe I just expected Ruth to be more socially aware of terms like that given her position or she just didn't spell it out in her head when giving the okay.

she is religious. that kind of character is unlikely to be be aware of the term.

I need more Cassandra, Alice, Harriet, Trixie and Candy :)


I simply don't even know where to begin. This has been, hands down on desk, the most entertaining game I have ever played in my life! There is just, it's almost impossible to organize my thoughts.

It started with what I was sure was just a delightfully funny dream sequence that would cause a "meh, and then we wake up" but it wasn't... Then I was like, "Oh, this is one of those weird worlds where this kind of thing is just par for the course and... OH MY GOD THEY ALL LOOK HORRIFIED!!!" As I continued to tap on my phone, slack jawed and sides hurting from laughter. "THIS IS AMAZING."

And the longer I played the better it got. There is nothing about this game that you won't find enjoyable. The writing and especially banter between characters is dare I say (Before EA got them) Bioware level, if not The Outer Worlds caliber. The amount of effort that had probably gone into the study of human psychology, the Headmaster actually makes some solid points most of the time. 

Each and every character has their own kind of charm and unique spirit given to them; from the so adorable you just don't know what to do with her Priti, the 'Mean Girls' duo of Debbie and Samantha, and the not as innocent as it appears Lucy. To the 'Little Washu' crazy Science Teacher, the grounds keeper Jimmy (who is now exclusively voiced by Brad Pitt's character in Snatch, in my head), and the well toned hotty Amy.

I understand that there's only so much that could be done about music selection without thousands and thousands of dollars but their choices were so good. Especially the chapter 1 finally where the visitors from the other school came. I heard those drums and immediately started laughing, and once that first rise hit I was about to wet myself. Sound effects are solid but nothing to write home about. If spanking is your thing though it will get your motor running though.

Final thoughts are, I need more! While I did the free download initially my enjoyment and the laughs were worth the $50 I came back and paid. There is a little something for everyone here.


i think im getting addicted spanking the maid 🤪

can someone tell me that what should I do for nina story.I saw her lighter and I didn't take it from her. I sentenced faye to a public punishment . after that I saw faye and nina in shower then faye asked nina to clean the marker . what should I do now?


That's it for now. Faye and Nina's story is scheduled to be expanded on in version 0.13. 

Can someone help me unlock the Lake...I'm stuck on the "If a Headmaster Falls in the woods" and "Troublesome Inspector" quest.

If you haven't played through your first week in the game, you don't need help yet... (It's not just about spanking naked schoolgirls!)

me too im stuck on the 3rd part where i have to wait for the janitor to find where the old headmaster died


this game has brought things out in me i did not know i had...... and am both excited and fearful of what's to come. its incredibly funny and well scripted and the freedom is amazing. all in all when i finally am a little more stable with money i will definitely drop a donation on this masterpiece lol

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firstly this game is genually great maybe a little dark sometimes but thats just me on the most side its amazing

i was wondering have you any plans to put other kinks into the game such as more of the tickling stuff maybe foot stuff or other kinks or is this going to stay soley spanking and bdsm?

(sry if that comes across as rude i dont mean it to be im just genually interested )

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Ages upon ages ago (a year ago, literally) I said I'd donate to this game because of the sheer enjoyment and entertainment I got out of the writing, and today I make good on that promise. I've come back to this game like 3 times through your updates and I think I laugh more each time.


What the fuck is this, I take a few pictures of this girls bum and now I gotta put down a student uprising, sick world man

I can't tell if your talking about the game or the uprising. I mean both are legit claims. But if it's the former I am legit wondering where you thought this game was going after the prologue.


Hey Altos

So, my first thought when I saw this game was that it was just about sexy punishments and 'educational' BDSM. I didn't think it was going to be entertaining or that the story would be as interesting when the protagonist is a thirty-something headmaster.

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the game and my first objective was to raise the school's grades and discipline as well as form business relations with my on-site staff. Now, I've been in business and know what the experience is like compared to the pathetic dialogue certain movies and games explain it to be. I was completely immersed in the act of 'working' in this game, getting to know my students on a personal level (even spying on them as they showered *nudge nudge*). The duties and roles this game expected me to achieve was absolutely realistic, the views of the headmaster made sense on more than one occasion, and I even found myself changing my perception on certain topics as I went through the motions of disciplining every hot bodied chick in this goddamn school.

Okay... my serious reviewing aside that makes me seem like some forty-year-old perv...

This game turned out to be better than I ever anticipated! The mechanics were suave, I loved the daily run around and don't get me started on those awesome H-scenes. I swear, this is even better than watching a decent hentai when your second brain is awake.

The best part about this was that you didn't even need a walkthrough if you were stuck, you just needed to check out the Replay menu to get an idea on how to complete tasks and objectives.

My favorite character in this game would have to be Priti. I don't know why, but even though I'm half Arabian and am tired of Indian girls, this 2-D honey has me drooling like a freaking greyhound. I also have to give points to Rachel. I find petite girls slightly more appealing than extremely busty ones, and this neko-girl ticks all the boxes. Lastly, I must admit that Cassandra has taken my interest recently. That superiority complex coupled with the headmaster's teaching is going to make her a ball breaker. And even you have to admit, a girl with a deadly psychological skills is hot. Anyways, enough fanboy-ing, I'm probably creeping you out.

I don't think I have any issues with the game, or if I did then I've forgotten them. What I can say for certain is that you've made a brilliant game. Thanks a lot, mate.



Thanks Kitsch! I'm glad you have enjoyed the game so far. You're in luck as the next update has Priti as the main star.

Ooohhhh. Altos, you just made me a happy, happy guy, oh just a happy I happy happy guy :D

P.S.- sorry, I just couldn't resist.

any idea when the game will get an update?

i don't know... will have to check his patreon...

please add autosave. i lost 4 hours worth of gameplay. please just add it i beg


There is an auto save.


I'm trying to install the game on my phone, but it just doesn't install :/

It just says "app not installed" ("O app não foi instalado", in pt-br) 

It has android 10 and I have 4.7gb of free space...

Can you help?

ps: srry by the bad english, i'm learning it yet :p

Could just be my phone, but large downloads (1 gb+) from google tend to get corrupted while downloading, causing that. Sometimes it's fixed by downloading it multiple times. Also try clearing the cache from whatever browser you're using

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I also got here via MxR Plays... Great writing and humor and pop culture references! I was really surprised at the care and details! Looking forward to the next update!

hi how can you open the girl bath locker in the sports area


You can't open it as of yet. But if you finish Amy's story and recruit her, she lures you in there... (Enjoy it!!!


Really enjoy the game so far. The characters personalities a really good with how unique they are. I just wish I could help out Faye. I feel so bad for her, she always seems to get the short end of the stick....


I know what you mean, mate. You feel bad every time you see her innocent face sad.

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Well, I have already played all the scenes currently available (v0.11.1) with discipline and knowledge above 140+ and 120+... But some 100+ stat points ago (1 month ago) I made a mistake, which was NOT hiring Trixie the second time around (yeah I was getting too morally correct on that one). Naturally, I had saved just before the choice but I actually went ahead and played the one where I did not hire her and now obviously I can't access a few events regarding her... So after all this prologue and buildup, I wanted to ask if there is a way for me to patch/cheat/code it so that I can make it that I hired Trixie bcz I really don't want to play the whole thing again since Trixe's choice, that's 100+ stats point difference and levelling up... If not then well I guess I would have no choice but to replay the game from Trixie's choice again! 

Also, it kinda feels weird that I still get Trixie's hallway event even though I did not hire her...

P.S - Love the game btw, Amy and Lizzie are my favs and surprisingly Debbie's character development has been really strong, the best if I may say so until now... 


Go into the replay viewer. There is a button that specifically tells you not to press it. Keep pressing it to bring you to a cheat menu that can change certain choices including Trixie's hiring.

Oh that's really helpful, thanks!

You're kidding me :O

I just played the whole game, making mistakes and redoing phases just to complete each event and you're telling me that I should have pressed that red button all along? Meh, the hard work was actually worth it in the end.

monday morning dont update

luvving the game. can't wait to see whats next! been racking up discipline and grades to keep things unlockable, but does that stay when the new update comes out> like, will grades and discipline drop back to 100 as a reset with a new update or stay what they get up to?

Is the quest involving weed only there so we can strip search the girls cause I have searched everyone it lets me and there seems to not be anyone carrying any or is this for a later update? 

and why can't I search Harriet is that a mistake or is there a reason for that being done that will be added into the game later.

The game is still a work in progress. Harriet's strip search will take place in the next update.

And the weed storyline is something that is also incomplete if not I am trying to figure out how to complete it thanks. 

It's still incomplete.


Well, I just watched the playthrough from MxR Plays: 1,78 Mio. subscribers.

:-O Looks like you made it.

Good to see that Henry and Jeannie both enjoyed it.


Ah, a fellow man of culture!

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To be honest, I never heard of them before the day before yesterday 😏

But they made a good video and I enjoyed it. I find it just a little bit disturbing that you can get more than 18.000 patreons with this kind of work.  Well ... I guess they are better than a lot of other YouTubers/creatives.

That's how I discovered this game a bit ago from their initial review of it. I don't even sub to them either... A few of their videos just came up as suggestions. Ahh the algorithm at work.

Sometimes nice things happen because of the algorithm. Good to have you here 👍

are you guys planning on giving us a continuation for Sally's story in the next update by any chance?

Yah, would be nice to know what stories are going to be in the next patch.
I recommended that in my comment... but didn't get a response.

I am most looking forward to Debbie and Priti stories expanding.

All this information is provided to patrons in development updates and a summary is on our Discord FAQ section.

the game over screen pops up after every day even when i load a save to before caught me 

You need to keep grades and discipline above 0 or you will lose. Use the cheat menu if you can't figure it out.

So How do I get to Chapter 2 that I have heard mentioned? I have just had Mr. Mycock and his 2 visitors at the school for my presentation. Anyone?

Just wait until Monday morning.

Hey thanks. I was just thinking.. ok what now? Much appreciated.

Oh and How much of the Game is left after you get to chapter 2. Has anyone reached level 100 in the grades and discipline?

There's loads in chapter 2. Take a look at the event log to see how much of the game is left.

How do I get to the event log?
I just found the Halloween special but I have no idea how to view it.


First water gunfight was real fun, had a good laugh, thanks. Never heard of goldenear, but looks like all those hours really paid off there


Its a play on the videogame James Bond 007: Goldeneye

Ah, a man of the prime age of gaming. You know how many people look at me like I've grown a second head when I talk about the SNES?

oh hello my friends

I have a question how to save progress before installing the next update when playing the game

I put the current version on my desktop. When the new version comes out I unzip it in the downloads then delete the current version and moves the new one to the desktop and my saves were there.

The save files are independent of the game directory, i.e. they are not saved in the folder.. So even if you delete the whole game your saves won't go away. Just download a new version and you will have your saves automatically detected. This is the same for most if not all games running on the Renpy engine which the majority of AVNs (on itch) do...

Go into the 'game' folder of the current version you have, click on the 'saves' folder, copy it and paste it on your desktop. Install the next version, go into that 'game' folder and paste your 'save's file.

When you run the new version your current game will still be there. Just load your latest save file.

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When I unzip the game, I get "CRC failed : TheHeadmaster-0.11.1Public-pc\game\images.rpa". Is this an error that the game will correct on startup or do I need to redownload it? I'm using 7zip.

I think I had to run it as admin and windows 7 compatible.

Hello, i am trying to get Amy to the next level so she wears the chastity belt however i can't get her past 9/10 pain but i can max everything else. I have run out of AP and even if i hadn't there is nothing that could inflict pain open to me. any help?


Once you get to Chapter 2, Amy will do something naughty and you have the option to use the cane which gives plus 5 pain.

Im curious, as this game looks to be heavy on punishments..... is there like golden showers ?

hello i'm new there is a scene in the game where a female teacher asks the students about knowledge So is there any way to get past them?

That's the game over scene I think. It means that your knowledge got down to 0 and you lost.


This has got to be my favorite dirty game EVER!! I loved the story, the characters, everything. I can't wait to see where it goes. Favorite two characters are Rachel and Lucy. I really hope there's a scene later where Rachel finds out what Lucy is doing with her Master on Saturdays and they get into a jealousy fight and they try to prove themselves to the headmaster. I am definitely going to consider donating money to this game!! 100% my favorite sexy game. Keep up the amazing work!


My favorites are Amy and Priti. Amy must be the naugthiest of the girls, with a lot of experience and Priti is the opposite.

Although Liz is a very interesting character, too ... I like a lot of them, to be honest.

Same thing with Rachel and Lucy but I wish that instead of fighting they do a threesome

There is a threesome if you can max out Rachel. And there's the Christmas Special, too. But I'm keen to see where some of the characters go. I think Samantha has something in store for her sister... (I really thought Trixie was going to get Lily to screw Mr Wilson

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Hey just wanted to comment and say I really enjoyed this game. This is probably the best game I've played of it's category/type. Had no issues with the story or presented choices which is rare for me. The world building was good and did not seem to be too unrealistic for what it is. The MC didn't come off as too much of a nice guy or bad guy for his background/backstory and it was left up to the player to play how they like which is very much apricated (I hate when these types of games force you in a particular direction with no input). I guess the only thing I found odd were some of the sound choices not really fitting and the mention of a the campus missing library at the start of the game with no way to build it later. (maybe that will be coming in an update?)

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