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I am playing this game on my Mac. When a new update comes, do I have to delete it and reinstall it again? Is there another way that I can continue on with the new version without deleting my progress? Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you. 

Normally, you just overwrite every old data with the new ones. So long you don't change the directory or name of the file, saves normally work fine (unless there's a version incompatibility between saves)

Most of the time it works for games like this.

I cant seem to get to 10 teacher approval. Is there a scene i'm missing? Im done with ruth, done with the guys chain, cant go further with the science teacher. Ive tried for 3 weeks(gametime) to talk to potts and newman at different times but no advance yet.

Check the replay screen to see if you've missed anything. There is also the cheat menu there if you get stuck.

fun game first off, but i'm having trouble raising the pain all the way. i use all the ones that give pain and im always 1 shor

What girl, what level? There might be something else you need to unlock or you might be doing things in the wrong order. 

Hi, I selected the wrong comment option with Sally when she asks if you like the punishments. Is there anyway I can go back to this without restarting?

Yes. In the cheat menu. Press the big red button three times.

or just hit the 'back' selection and you will have the chance to redo your selection.

Deleted 12 hours ago

I too i downloaded  lats weak and i only dont havee 3 cenes

from pratti

i cant do that

Sup i loved this game cant wait for the next update

just for knowledge there is another rule change after the only underwear rule?


Keeps on crashing after "Bad Grades Ending Placeholder" on both mobile and PC

That's not a crash. You loose if grades hit zero and that's a placeholder ending. You need to get discipline up to 20 as soon as possible to stop grades falling. Focus on training the English teacher in the evening.



The game is constantly crashing at day ar a certain day...And kicks me out of the game...And i cant go farther then that...Fix it dude..also the buttons dosen't work properly sometimes. 

Can't get discipline / grades/ etc to show on android


i just slowly worked my way from qust over to the right in small intervils till it opened

Hey, I can't access the inventory on android. It comes up with an error message. Any help would be appreciated!

Can i use my previous save file from previous version?or should i start a new game all over? Please need answer

Is their going to be any males at any point in time?

"any males" what/where? There is another male teacher, or are you asking if there will be a male transfer student at the all-girl school?

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Someone plz help me. I'm on day 246 atm and I can't continue with anything until Debbie makes something wrong. I've been everywhere at every time, but she never makes anything anymore. Sometimes in class Headmaster thinks that she will do something eventually, but she never does. Do I need to wait even more or am I missing something?

Also, great game :D

Have you made her a prefect? If so, after school from you office you should be able to call her to talk and she'll say she needs to be punished

I couldn't make her a prefect. Ended up with me restarting the game since it took to long before I got any answer, thanks to that I managed to find out why nothing never happened. After getting her to level 3 I never choose the "touch her" option, that made the game getting stuck for some reason.

But thank you for answering at least :)

Hi, great game. 

Unfortunately my grades keep getting lower and lower, how do I prevent that in early game? 

Focus on discipline during the day and focus on training the English teacher at her apartment in the evenings. Once Discipline reaches 20 grades stop falling. 

Deleted 11 days ago

I really cant wait to check this out when its finished. Every time I thought I had done all there was to do, I found something new! Great dialog, great humor, animations, etc. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes Visual Novels, BDSM, Taboo Relations, etc. For a game in its beta, this game has a suprising amout of polish. The first watergun fight was one of my favorite scenes, had me dead with laughter. 

Thanks for an awesome game!

so im having a problem getting to 10 influence i am stuck at 9 right now and cant seem to get more

i think that have 

not sure

Can't wait for the coming update. What a additive game!


Can't get to fuck Sally... kinda anooying, only thing I haven't unlocked properly yet.... Think my key finding glitched out tbh


I have a question. When I want to install the new version of the game on my phone (Android) it days: application cannot be installed.  Do I have to uninstall the old version of the game first? Do I lose my progress then?

Sounds like your probably out of memory. You need extra space for the installation. You will lose your saves of you delete the old version but there are instructions for transferring saves in the changelog. Check our Dev posts.

When do you think that you will be finished with the game?

Just started playing 7.2, and kudos to whoever wrote the nudist conversation. It had me genuinely laughing. That was some top quality writing. 

Thanks! There's currently only one writer/artist/coder for this game and that would be me.

Damn. I hadn't realized that this gem was a one-man production. That just makes me even more impressed, as this is definitely one of the most polished games I've played on here. The story thus far has been really entertaining, as were the story lines for Debbie, Rachel, and Amy, and I think you've done a fantastic job of planting the seeds for the rest of the girls' stories. 

My only points of constructive criticism are all for things that I've no doubt your working on, like a relative lack of things to do between story points; and not having enough ways to spend all your credits, but now that I know you're covering all the bases yourself, I feel like that's just nitpicking. I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us in the future, so keep up the excellent work!

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So I can't get Rachael to level up even following the walk though step by step and it really annoying anyone know what i'm doing wrong. From what i can tell it impossible due to there not being enough actions. 

That walkthrough is actually a little out of date. What level are you at? You need the unlock skirts rule to get past level 2. 

Sorry Level 1 could not level to level 2  I have only the camera 

Hey, i played through your game and really enjoyed it. I was wondering if you could put in the cheat menu to change your choice on Lucy's coffee scene? Or completely replay it? I made the wrong choice and ended up having every event unlocked with the exception of apron ones and the one on the Beach with Emily i belive. 

Yes, a few people have had that problem. For version 0.8 I will ammended the events to make the coffee scene repeatable for those who picked the wrong option. 

Which coffee scene?

So everytime I try to install the newer version it says "app not installed" and I've tried it on all devices except linux any ideas???

Could be down to needing more space. The installer needs quite a bit of spare hard drive space to install. 

I finally got it to download but it reset my progress so I'll have to progress through again

Hey, so I'm pretty early in the game, and I was hoping someone could tell me if it's possible to get enough approval to pass a new school rule without getting Mr Wilson's support? Because I really don't want to have to give him Priti's email password. 

Also, on a related note, how do I get Miss Newman's support? With her apartment not being implemented yet, I can't figure out how. Thanks. 


You need to give him the email password but you can refuse his requests after that. You can find Sally in the men's locker room in the afternoons.

Alright, thanks for replying. 

How do we go further with Sally though? In every dialogue she just asks about her keys, but the lake dude never shows up to give them.


Does anyone know how to start the ruth story? She wont talk to me

Make sure you read the files in the recycle bin of the headmasters computer.


When are you going to have the game in the  itch app again

yea , im playing threw itch app also but havent seen anything about updating the game. idk its just not working or something  and i rather not loose all my progress but will if need be . 


It should work now

thank yo

hi friend altosandherdone....maybe its my error but....i put the files 7.2 with the folder of the old headmaster...if i run the game now and i look at the quest i dont have nothing new to do??its normal??i got all my old saves and if i load one i cant undestand whats new to do....please if u can help me.....

Are you saying you put the new game folder and merger it with the old one? No need to do that just download the new version and run it. Saves transfer automatically. To see what's new go to the Replay Menu (top left button from the main map) and see what new scenes there are and shown as locked. The new quest for Amy won't trigger until you punish her and then spy in her room afterwards.

ok i see now....very thanks for all your big big big work guys...only honor and respect.....

Im having problems getting Rachel's humiliation to max. I have the camera, no skirts policy and she's my pet but I can only get it 1 away to the next level. Am I missing somthing?

What level is Rachel? Have you unlocked the ability to rub her pussy by raising Debbie's level?

I have finished Debbi's current Story and Rachel is Level 4.

Please add more school rules on next update

Debbie won't get in trouble so I can't punish her how do I get past this please help

You need to pass the confiscate underwear rule. This unlocks after you get Debbie to level four and then touch her after the punishment. If you didn't unlock the rule by touching Debbie then use the replay  mode to  give her a private punishment and then choose that option afterwards.

What is your Discord?

When I try to open the quest log it says "an exception has occurred" 

Can I somehow fix that? 

Could you post the full error on the bug channel of the Discord so I can fix it?

I'm going to do it tomorrow after work, thank you. 

wait I just download the new version and I saw the mention of a headmistress in a school for boys. I have not see or been though a lot of the game but does that mean that there may be another playable character down the road, if not okay but if you do that what would you do with the possibility of infinite possibilities. 

I am going to sleep so I won't be able to respond to the answer so have a good day. bye

What is the difference between compressed and the rest of others?

The compressed version is lower quality with a smaller file size. Its for people with small phones, poor internet etc. Download the higher quality version if you can.

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hi the useal button i use to download/start the game pushes me to the online itch site but all my other game i am able to lauch and download using that button dont know if it is a bug with itch or the game? i have tried unistalling the re-install but know i cant re-install?

wondering if anyone else has this problem?

For the developer, I think what they mean is that your new Windows/Mac files aren't marked as such and thus are unable to be installed on the client.

OK, I don't know what that refers to but I'll look into it.

When uploading a file, you can mark it as executable, soundtrack, source code, etc. and right next to that you can select whether it is for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android. I think that the new update's files were left unmarked.

yes I think so


how do i make update without lossing my last save.

This is the what I'm looking for. I hope this game will be complated soon. I found it yesterday and today an update coming. 

Luckily the new update comes out some time today

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