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How do I convince Ruth to let me spank the girls? I'm stuck on this.

its not in the game yet as far as i know


Great game.  Fun to play.  Looking forward to your next release.

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this is good for a game of these shall we say "tags" But ill be damed  all the guys in my class are now playing it and man I'm glad I took the risk 

Really well put together, although, we come across some technical bugs here and there, nothing to ruin the overall experience of playing it. And the most important, the main storyline is not affected by those, and I feel like you guys didn't leave any loose ends, looking forward for new updates.

Can't seem to play the game on Android, I get to a certain spot very early on in the game where a message "Place holder bad grades ending" comes up... Screen goes black and won't let me do anything. 

You need to keep grades above zero or you will lose. There is a cheat menu if you are struggling.

oh! I haven't played one of these yet with the possibility of losing, hadn't even crossed my mind. Thanks for the reply! 

In case I suck, even with this new find knowledge... Where do I find the cheats menu?

In the Event Log (top right button from the main map) there is a red button that says 'do not press'. Press it three times and close the warning messages.

My inner "S"  loved every minute of this game! Can't wait for future updates.


wow this is definetly the best nsfw game that even remotely contains a consistant and engaging story,  absolutely loved it. really looking forward to each update in the future. keep up the awesome work


Really enjoyed this! Had a few issues getting all the content though i imagine that was just me either being too impatient or messing up one of the previous scenes. But I will definitely be keeping an eye on this!!

Is this game still early access? I seen it mentioned a few times in the game.


Hi, yes this game is still in active development. We release a new update every five or six weeks. Check out our Patreon page for more details.

Ohhh, I thought so. Do the saves transfer over by chance?


They do yes.