Version 0.10.1Public Now Available

Hey guys,

Version 0.10.1 is now available to everyone. Please note that if you've played the patron-only version then you are up to date. This version is just the scheduled public release with a few minor bug fixes.

The new version adds roughly 40,000 words, 800 image files and almost 100 video files. This update sets up the storyline for the twins and establishes that Claire will be the one assisting you in punishing them instead of Sally (as decided in a poll). Rachel's storyline also advances this update as she continues to experience jealousy towards other women, especially as she watches the headmaster grope and fondle his way around the school under the pretence of searching for drugs. Giving a body search to one particularly busty girl will trigger a new mini storyline for Rachel (and Debbie). There are four new repeatable football events and four new practice match events. There is also quite a bit of extra content for Lucy in this update. Lucy's storyline will split with a choice to forgive her a mistake and treat her kindly, or act dominant and to punish her.

I’ve also added the Halloween and Christmas Specials as unlockable bonuses in the event log.

Potential save game issues: There were two bugs in the beta which caused a crash due to there being missing definitions if you chose certain options earlier in the game. One was if you didn’t spank Lucy after she broke your vase, or if you did spank her you didn’t give her a big tip afterwards. The other is if you didn’t peak on Arabella being punished by her mother when you were on the date with Samantha. Clearly, I didn’t even contemplate that people would choose those options and so never found those bugs until now. Missing definitions are difficult bugs to fix whilst keeping old saves working so I’ve had to make some compromises. So if you spanked Lucy after she broke your vase the game will now automatically assume you gave her a big tip afterwards. If you’ve had the date with Samantha and went to check on Arabella, the game will assume you opened the door to take a look and then stopped Patricia from spanking her (the best option in the long run). Under all other circumstances, your saves will be unaffected.

Android Users: In theory, you should keep your saves when updating the app but I cannot guarantee it. So please always back up your saves! Saves file are located: android/data/altosandherdone.theheadmaster/files/saves. You’ll need to use an android file manager of some kind. If you get an error saying app not installed try deleting your old version first and try again (after you've back up your saves!).


  • Four new repeatable sports events
  • Four football practice events
  • New scenes for Lucy
  • Lucy will now clean naked
  • Lucy will offer extra services (currently spanking, dancing and kiss)
  • Double spanking for the twins from HM and Claire
  • Public punishment for the twins
  • Poolside punishment for the twins
  • A spanking scene for Samantha or Arabella
  • Sex scene with Amy in the girls’ locker room
  • Threesome with Rachel and Debbie
  • Body searches for: Emily, Alice, Priti
  • You can unlock the cafeteria (just a placeholder there for now but unlocking it will trigger new scenes)
  • Two new students (Jasmine and Arabella)
  • New lunch lady (Patricia)
  • Halloween Special and Christmas Special added as unlockable bonuses


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May 01, 2021

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How do i get the threesome with Rachel and Debbie?

how i can save my progress


This game is brilliant and a huge thanks to altosandherdone for the hours that must have been put in to developing this and imho topping the game charts!

Would love to see Donna in the office arguing against being punished/demanding to be "unhanded by mere degenerates" - until her bottom is red - then subbed more to the peasants.

Thanks for such a great game.

Thank you very much :)

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So when Sally's towel swiping came up, I decided to take just the large one first (and unwisely didn't decide to make an side save right before the decision), but any time I attempt to repeat to take all of the towels l instead it won't give me the option to take all of them.

Dunno if that was intentional or accidental.

if i remember right then you picked the right option for that scene and that's why you can't repeat it. the idea is to get her to walk out with a small towel and i'm pretty sure if you take them all then she just won't walk out and you need to repeat the scene.

Yeah, reran from a further back save and discovered that for yesterday.

I've been trying to figure out how to complete Amy's level 3 punishment but just can't, are there some order you have to do things?

Have you passed the rule at the school board to allow you to confiscate the girls skirts?

Yes i have.

Have you spied on her room after her punishment? The quest log should say what to do.

Yes i have, i've done everything in the quest log. I only have the punishment left. I've been trying to get her to punishment level 4 but that's where i'm stuck.


can't wait to play


Is it possible to unlock the christmas special in this update?


"I’ve also added the Halloween and Christmas Specials as unlockable bonuses in the event log."

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The games says that to unlock the Christmas Special, you need to complete the quest Leave No Girls Behind and you can't complete the quest yet since it's still a work in progress.  I got over 100 grades and it didn't unlock so I'm assuming you can't unlock the Christmas Special yet until a later update


whoa another great update, The Headmaster is the best 😍


another awesome totally shocked how u guys are doing a very perfect game.....congrats to all and keep the good work up...simply perfect...

how do you get the threesome scene 

How do I trigger the  Amy scene and the new Lucy stuff?

Great update so far btw!

I've been having an issue when trying to install it on a windows, so I uninstalled 9.2 and when I tried installing the latest update it says it cannot read property build of undefined

thanks for the upgrade!!!