Version 0.6.2Public Now Available

Hi guys, 

Version 0.6.2public is now available There are a total of 5900 images in this version so up over 1500 from 0.5.4 with dozens of new animations and several new videos.

There are two main aspects to this update. The first of which is Rachel’s punishment system. A Student Quest log for Rachel will start the morning after you spy on her room and see the event with Donna, Maxine and the ointment. The quest log will tell you exactly what you need to do then. Rachel’s punishment system is slightly more difficult than Debbie’s as she doesn’t suffer from the same weakness and you need to take your punishment actions in a more specific order. I suspect some people might struggle so I’ve included a mini walkthrough explaining exactly what to do.

The other main aspect is unlocking the ability to punish the girls yourselves. The conditions for the main quest A Man’s Work have been slightly changed. In addition to the previous requirements it will also now be necessary to make Debbie your Prefect before unlocking the rule to punish the girls yourself. Once you unlock this rule you will trigger a very large event (probably about a third of the whole update) where you hold a special assembly for the girls. My plan was to then update all the class scenes, patrol scenes etc but that turned out to be way too much work for one update. So for now the only effect of changing this rule will be to see this scene and also to punish Rachel yourself in the punishment system. 

Debbie also has a new scene via the punishment system once you unlock the ability to punish the girls. She now goes up to level six with a new reward scene. However, I haven’t made all the animations yet for the headmaster punishing Debbie. I also haven’t had time yet to add the new actions that we can use on Rachel.


  • Punishment System implemented for Rachel up to level 5 (with three new punishment actions).
  • New student quest for Rachel including several new scenes (follow her quest log and check the replay menu to make sure you have seen everything).
  • New rule: Men are allowed to perform spankings (Triggers a major new scene but otherwise only affects Debbie and Rachel in the punishment system).
  • New rule: Girls must strip to underwear for punishment (currently only affects Debbie and Rachel through the punishment system).
  • You can now go on a date with your P.A.Samantha. With a follow up scene the next day.
  • There is a new student, Ada. Speak to her on a Monday afternoon in the hallway.

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Cant wait to get started, keep up the good work.