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I am confused on the 11.1 update for non  Patreon players. I read the notes and was stated that there is no new content for 11.1 unless your Patreon. When will this be available?


The content is the storyline of Cassandra an the private punish of the twins


How do i get the threesome with Rachel and Debbie?


I want to know what is updated in the 0.11.1 version please.


I actually cried in the new part of Cassandra' story




Yeah, that was some character development, Altos is a really good writer


So... What is new?

so when are we going to be able to paste a rule that would allow us in the dorm rooms and locker room


Locker room access will be in the next update, as decided by a recent patreon poll.


hey Altosandherdone another epic upgrade really love your work hoping the next one will be Alice (Gigaz) Small...masterpiece till now really congrats to the amazing creation

When the game is fully out will it become payed only?


No. The game will always be free. We only make money through donations, here and on Patreon.

Hello, altosandherdone. I was just wondering with this new update, can you carry on from previous updates saves, or do you have to start again? Thank you for an awesome game! Especially as it's based in my country of the UK!


I'm not the developer, but I'm pretty sure you should have no problem with previous saves. (Unless it's an old, old save, from around version 6 or something. Then you might.)


Thanks for the reply. I will give it a go.

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hi when will you update the game pls tell me from v0.11.1(the one 2 days before) to the next, i wanted more scenes on rachel, debbie and lucy pls   your game is really awesome and the best one i have ever play thanks for making this game hoping for updates soon

Looks like they're releasing a new version every 4 months on average.


I'm still writing the next version. It's probably going to be four to five months but it's too early to say exactly.

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I keep getting a build error when I try to install via the Itch app.

The app also does not recognize that there is an update available and thinks that 10.1 is the latest version.


i'm also having the same issue.

Same (pc)


Should be fixed now.

yes it's fixed. thankies


...I just noticed that when you get the previous headmaster's journal.

The initials for the British Defence System Manufacturer is BDSM

can anyone help me?

I tried taking to Jimmy about the old headmaster's body and made him clear the path and he said that he will report to the office after some time but....he never did?

is  this a bug?

No its not bug..

You just need talk to Ruth to trigger the event..

The dialog box will say, "Wait for Miracle"..

Then just wait..

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I'm stuck here too. I tried talking to Jimmy at the lake and Ruth in the teachers lounge but nothing happens, the dialog box just says "leave".

From the Patreon page:

Altos and Herdone

Read the files in the recycle bin of the headmasters computer.

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time to spank some more schoolwomen :) 

How do I get the greatest number of pain humiliation and pleasure in punishments?


It depends on the girl & her level (some options are only available for some girls or need a certain level). It doesn't cost any AP to put a girl in a position and some positions give humiliation, so make sure you put them in every position.

Other than that, just hover over each option and it tells you the results, so read those and plan ahead.

Oops nevermind I figured out how to do the update but apart from Cassandra's part it's not really letting me progress Lucy's story it's still stuck at the previous update, what do I need to do to trigger the new scenes?

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you need to read the character files available in your office.. the ones showing in the game preview images above.

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Yes I went to the character files and selected on Lucy's file but it gives me the same thing and I don't know what to do it only says...


Lucy confessed to getting a little turned on when I watched her cleaning in just the apron. She offered to clean with her brestas exposed and she even let me watch her getting undressed for some extra money. 

That's all it says and I tried pressing every option (apron,naked,apron topless, school uniform etc.) but it just doesn't do anything and just gives her the money and proceeds to the next day. 

Sounds like you need to get to Chapter 2 before you can progress in her story line. Work on changing the school rules during Friday's school board meeting.

Proceed with the main quests and levelling up the other girls. Lucy's story will continue when you get further in the game.


yo i can't believe i was this early to an update


Yeah, I am on time !

Updates 0.11.1


I need a time machine to see the game when it's finished. Yes I am a very impatient skunk :)

I mean seeing how long it took to get here from the initial releases it will probably take another year or two.

Oh, I'm okay with 1-2 years, especially when we get update snapshots during the wait.

Just curious, is the image on the games title screen part of an event? If so, which one?

I just started playing and I wanted to ask you how do you go from level 1 to 2?

MC doesn't level up, but each girl can be leveled up. You have to maximize her pain, humiliation, and pleasure during a private punishment in your office.

Deleted 68 days ago

So...even though I don't like the premise behind the game...I'm oddly addicted to it...

Also, I have to ask, is the "Cam Girl" in the porn section Charolette?


No comment.


a free game like this? something fucking decent for once!


do you know anything about when the next version will arrive?

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i swear this is my new life motto

fuck science, i fucking love this game

ok so ive downloaded the correct files now how do i run the game?? ive been trying for a couple of days now

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Extract the files so you have a map left. open the map and double click 'The Headmaster' (probably with a little picture with a girl with red hair in front of it).

If that doesn't work, maby you have some protection that keeps stuff like this from running properly on your pc. (Is it on mobile? yeah... could get it to launch myself either).

Astonishing that you respond to a question like that.


Day 69 I grow thirstier and thirstier for the next update to come out... knowing... its just over 2 weeks away


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when the new update does come out how do I install I extract the new download folder on the current or do it another way if so is there a guide to do so 

Ps really loving game hoping lucys story line gets more


You can extract to the same folder as the existing version. I usually extract so both are in the same folder, open the new version to make sure saves are there before i delete old version

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Android 10.1 is "broken"... 91 days without patch or update?  Debbie's punishishments don't work.  Also cannot get discipline above 50.  (Android 11) See Rudolf S posts.


Did you pass the "anyone can spank regardless of gender" rule. That is needed to uncap grades and discipline.


The game is not broken. I just checked it through on Android and had no problems with Debbie's punishments. To get Debbie to level three you need to buy the paddle and also convince the school board to let you take the girls skirts. Follow Sally's quest log to unlock new punishmnet actions.

Also discipline is capped at 50 until later in the game. Just follow the main quest in the quest logs.

if you get stuck, character files are your friend 

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After you finish Lucy's maid quest, why can't you access the full shower scene? Lucy just cleans the coffee table and yoinks your 200 credits.

Now that I think about it, I'll also mention some of the other oddities. Before the shirt rule is passed, when I sent Rachel to public punishment and I got a scene where she gets bodymarked "S L A G". But when I do it proper(i.e. after shirt rule and level up) it shows a black screen instead. Also the second objective in her quest never completes, although I can progress with the quest.

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how tf do i get amy to level 4 i can not also how to continue with ruths quest line

Where is the saved data located?

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You have to look at user ("benutzer" in german)\user name(Whatever it is)\appData\Roaming\RenPY

Within this directory you should be able to find the save games for the Headmaster.



The previous VERSION when the discipline was between 31 to 40 then the grades would increase but the latest version did not increase, there was a BUG in the Amy goes to swim event, the popularity did not increase at all despite the writing (popularity +1). I hope the dungeons and dragons event can add 1 popularity to make it easier to collect popularity. If I knew this I would not delete the old version but the memory is almost full so what can I do. I often play again from the beginning again so I hope the next update the grades can increase again like before.

Now what is the requirement for the number of disciplines so that the grades goes up???

Or is it not possible now???

 I just realized because previously during replay I used cheats, and when I didn't use cheats I forgot about this until I read a guide which reminded me that previously the grades would increase when disciplined between 31 to 40.

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Popularity is already ridiculosly easy to rack up though. Maybe not earlygame but once you hit about 10 popularity pretty much every weekend action is an opportunity to increase popularity. Discipline gets docked a bit but you can manage that by giving out public punishments over the next week.

For popularity it doesn't matter, which is my question, it will be easier if the grades will increase as before when the discipline is between 31 to 40 then the grades will increase every day. But now no matter how much discipline it seems the value will not increase, but in fact it can only decrease if discipline is low.

Grades increase by 1 at discipline 61+ and by 2 at discipline 81+

Thank you for the answer. Previously I had reached chapter 2 but I chose to stop playing and wait for the latest update which will be out soon, discipline has not reached 60 so I don't know grades can still increase on condition that after chapter 2 or using cheats, I ask to make it easier to get popularity and grades because I always play while looking for the fastest way to finish the game (number of days in the game), even though it takes longer because of "save & load" to get the desired result. Previously grades could easily increase in chapter 1 but now it can only happen in chapter 2, my previous grade had never reached 100 because the previous version I played didn't need to reach 100, and the latest update that I played, I was lazy to collect grades up to a hundred to complete game, so I solved it with a cheat (only adding grades). But I hope in the next latest update I want to start over again without using cheats. Because using cheats it feels so less fun.

max out your other stats, then go back for it, as R2D2 said, popularity isnt important at this point

Great game and storyline!  I have a potential bug though...

In Rachel's storyline, The Headmaster's Pet, I'm stuck at step 7.  I think the bug is that the game says I haven't completed step 2, but I have the camera and got the board to enact the "no skirt" rule.  I've cleared just about every other storyline except Rachel's.  Any idea if what I'm experiencing is normal or if there's a fix?

I think the cause of the bug is that I bought the camera prior to getting  step 2 presented to me in Rachel's storyline.

The quest progresses even though the 2nd objective remains active.

I've read that if Priti's photo is not handed over to Mr. Wilson then the photo can be sold at a high price, is the photo automatically sold after refusing to give it to Mr. Wilson or what should be done to sell it?

For next update. I hope the shooting weekend event is a repeatable event, even though I have won. Because it's the best event on the weekend.

shooting? i never came across any shooting events... 
are you talking about the water fight?


yap, I mean water fight.

Sorry I stupid in English language.


its ok, they all used water "guns", and the error was understandable.. i just wasnt sure if i maybe missed something. and yes, it was  great event.

I know we can keep repeating it as we like in the replay menu, but what I want is that the event happens every weekend, so that every weekend it won't repeat the same thing again or I hope there will be a new event in the next update for the weekend patrol.

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that would be a huge amount of work for the dev. perhaps there is a way he could gamify the outcomes using the existing renders, but i dont see it being easy or quick, and would eat into the creation of other, more unique content.

How to get the second image like the one above???


How to enter girls locker room???

That image is a reaction shot from you having sex with Sally in the mens locker room showers. They're basically hearing you through the walls. I think you need to have fully trained Debbie and then meet Sally there at the right time.

Technically there's a way to get into the girls locker room in the morning once Amy has gotten as far as you can. (Which is not fully trained, that isn't available yet.) But it never unlocks like you're really asking. 


I remember it now, I hope to enter the women's locker room will be in the next update. I'm playing it again now to make sure I haven't missed anything, but it looks like I've got it all worked out. Can't wait for the next update. Even though it's been done before, I want to finish it again now (without cheats) because before I started all over again with cheats.

Thanks for the answer.


they need to hurry with the update, its a fun game

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Hope we get to enjoy the next update soon ! Love the game by the way, from the characters, to the story and of course, the scenes, it's really REALLY good. Keep up the great work !

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