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Hi ! your games seems quite funny ! Can I make a few videos of it ? (knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenues from that by posting on porn website)

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Hallo Alotsan und Herdone

After I read your Christmess eve game gelesn that starts the 2 part of the Headmaster I downloaded it and played through but in the Headmaster has nothing canged

 Except for Amy's 7 Qeust where I find it in the sports house but also there the reference to part 2 so that I can not do the qeust.

Everything else is done according to Qeustbook what can I do that it continues?

Can it be that the Headmaster with the Chirtmass eve must be overwritten or the Chritmass eve in the folder of the Headmaster should ?

LG Silana

Translated with (free version)

As with your other creations...sublime! I share the view of the girls though.. the rhyming was avoidable..Lol.. but it was fun nonetheless! keep rocking!


I am totally gonna save playing this till Christmas.



Merry Christmas
Much easier than figuring out how to make 20+ valentine cards special.

Thanks for the chinese new year gift!

Ohhhh Happy Chinese New Year! (Though 10d earlier)

Thanks a lot


this cant be true...seriously....what an amazing awesome chrismas gift u make us all....really love u AltosandHerdone


EPICO EPICO EPICO EPICOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....really thanks guys it was really awesome....sad u put donna (the most hated girl) intsead of the twins or amy...but yes it will remain a veeeeery good chrismas gift