Debbie's Halloween (A Headmaster Special) Public Release

Hey guys,

Firstly, I'd like to announce that we've set a date of January 28th for the release of version 0.12 beta. This is a little later than I had hoped (we're working on a bigger update than usual), so I made a short but fun standalone Halloween special last month to try to make the wait go a little faster, which I am now making available to everyone.

In this Halloween themed tale, take control of Debbie as she is put in charge while the staff have a party. Make sure all the girls make it back to the dorms by curfew and she’ll be allowed to join the party and maybe have a shot at scoring with her crush, Miss Newman. Fail to get all the girls home and she'll get punished by the headmaster instead. If you are having trouble getting the best ending then follow this step by step walkthrough.

The release contains a full French translation for the first time. An official French translation of the main game is also being worked on and a beta version of The Headmaster v0.11 in both French and English will be released soon.




DebbiesHalloween-Public-android.apk 307 MB
Nov 20, 2021 289 MB
Nov 20, 2021 306 MB
Nov 20, 2021

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Superb stand-alone game, loads of fun failing to meet the midnight deadline but wonderful for Debbie when she succeeds!

Looking forwards to January 2022!